Experts warn of financial crash before end of Trump’s first term

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One Response to “Experts warn of financial crash before end of Trump’s first term”

  1. reynolds says:

    A FINANCIAL CRASH BEFORE THE END OF TRUMP’S FIRST TERM? That’s being overly optimistic. 30 nations have signed a bilateral agreement to ditch the dollar in favor of other currencies. The EU wants Iranian oil transactions in Euros. Recall that Gaddafi wanted a gold-backed African/Arab currency called the Dinar? That was before Gaddafi was taken out. And Saddam wanted to switch to the Euro, and he to was taken out.

    The Chinese (Yuan), Russia (Ruble) and Venezuela (Euro) are all abandoning the U.S. dollar. And it’s said that, this will make it much harder for the U.S. to print it’s way out of a recession. And we are now due for a recession, and this is the month for it (ie October). For only 70 years, the dollar had reigned supreme. And that seems long compared to our own lifetime, but it’s happening – the lifeline of America is being threatened. Is anyone taking notice?

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