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Exposed… Rebekah Roth Unwigged!… Who is Monika Gainer?… 9/11 Info Psyop?


When Rebekah Roth first came on the scene several months ago, we all
applauded. Who wouldn’t? There aren’t nearly enough women in the 9/11
Truth community, and certainly not very many knowledgeable ones. ~ TFR – Video

Throughout the next several months, the whistleblower mask began to fall
off and she began displaying many character traits that are undesirable
to TFR as a talk radio network based on a “NO HATE, HYPE OR FEAR”

However, what we thought was mere bigotry slowly transformed into
someone who was playing a role as a con woman.

We were lucky that she
left the network on her own, as Chris and I struggled with the issues
that she was causing with her rants against our LGBT listeners and were
more than happy to see the “trash take itself out”, as I put it when I
first read her resignation email to Chris.

However, she began
slandering us and other alternative media personalities such as Pete
Santilli as her alternate persona as “Monika Gainor” came to light more
and more.

Realizing that this person was a fraud, other researchers such as former
U.S. Attorney Kurt Haskell and journalist Jim Fetzer started doing
independent research on this Rebekah Roth/Monika Gainor personality.

What they found was shocking, and revealed more than a simple
multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. In fact, it could even go as deep
as the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland

The “9/11 Truth Movement” has always been under attack by the mainstream
media, as well as the politicians who executed the attacks of September
11th themselves. However, the documents and information about that day
do not lie.

Instead of attacking the messenger with Ad hominem yelps
of “u r stoopid” and “your a idiot”, which people have learned
(rightly) to ignore, they sent one of their own actors onto the scene
with a bad pair of glasses and an even-worse wig to bring information
stolen from David Cole into the “Truth community.

This was done to make themselves known
enough to pass as one of their own by acquiring a radio program on a
well-known alternative media outlet such as Truth Frequency Radio, and
then purposefully discredit and degrade themselves and thus, all of the
9/11 information they wrote in their admittedly “fictional” book.

Thanks to all of the researchers, including Max Igan, Jim Fetzer, Kurt
Haskell, and others who all banded together with us to expose this for
what it truly is.





December 25, 2015 – KnowTheLies


Source Article from http://www.knowthelies.com/node/11043

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One Response to “Exposed… Rebekah Roth Unwigged!… Who is Monika Gainer?… 9/11 Info Psyop?”

  1. The person/author who uses the nom de plume “Rebekah Roth” was gracious enough to mention my first book (WHO SHOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY) in her first book (page 186 – hardbound edition of METHODICAL ILLUSION) in gratitude for my input to benefit the 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT and her research efforts. She was indeed a flight attendant and is a wife and a Mom. She is not, nor has she ever been, a CIA Spook or FBI Operative or whatever… I too seriously considered using a nom de plume to protect myself and family from the danger inherent in exposing the unfathomably powerful Jewish Cabal that perpetrated 9/11. Read her books, read my book, read Christopher Bollyn’s books and you’ll have a serious grasp on the reality of America’s awful predicament. Suspicion and doubt are useful tools when researching the truth no matter what area of truth you are examining, but take care not to dismiss the truth only because the source is shrouded in mystery…like William Shakespeare. WHO SHOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY can be read at my website …here: http://user1252122.sites.myregisteredsite.com/id15.html

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