Eye for an Eye! Mark Levin: “Next Democrat President Must Be Impeached”

Mark Levin says next Democratic president must be impeached

The next Democratic president should face impeachment regardless of actual wrongdoing, conservative talker Mark Levin has said.

During an appearance Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Levin argued that if the Democrat-led House of Representatives chooses to impeach our current POTUS, their next president will suffer a similar fate

Breitbart.com reports: Levin reminded viewers of the past indiscretions of the Democratic Party and said when the party engages in such behavior, it should be “slammed down,” which in this case would come in the form of impeachment for the next Democrat president.

“Let’s look at the history of the Democrat Party,” Levin said. “It’s an ugly history with some gaps of goodness — the party of slavery, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crow. And when the Democrat Party does what it does like that, it needs to be slammed down. And it needs to be slammed down now. The next Democrat president of the United States must be impeached — not to get even, not because we’re at their low level — because the Republicans can’t live under one Constitution when the Democrats live under another Constitution, and it is the only way we’re going to stop them.”

“One party can’t be allowed to abuse the Constitution and yet wave it around while the other party sits there and takes it,” he continued. “The Democrat Party must be slammed down. The next Democrat president, if they vote for impeachment against Donald Trump must be impeached. And we have the blueprint. It’s the Pelosi project. She even said today, ‘We’ve been at this for 22 months, for two years. What do you mean we’re being fast here?’ We have the plan.”

Source Article from https://newspunch.com/eye-for-eye-mark-levin-next-democrat-president-must-impeached/

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