Fast and Furious: Transparent Lies from the Division of Dumb and Dumber

Smoking Mirrors
October 13, 2011

So now, the incredibly corrupt, Eric Holder of Fast and Furious Fame; a division of Dumb and Dumber has come up with a bad network TV shitcom plot of a fabricated event, that actually took place in June, though it probably didn’t even happen then. Oh, let’s go out on a limb and say that none of what’s reported really happened but that whatever happened was constructed by Holder’s neo-con Israeli masters, who pretty much control what remains of the so-called American government, as well as the American economy and that can be seen in the stupendous and outrageous wealth consolidated in the holdings of this small minority of dual nationals in the occupied American territories. Of course, that statement is anti-Semitic due to its being true.

Of course, the Israelis had to throw in a fantasy assault on Saudi Arabia because Israel wants that airspace open when they go to attack the Iranians, as one more expression in the expansion of their psychopathic, hegemonic interests in the Middle East which, as far as they are concerned, belongs entirely to them. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and Iran is not at war with her neighbors, while both of these things apply entirely to Israel, to the exclusion of just about everyone else around.

It’s desperation time in the US because a small contingent of Satanic greedheads have destroyed the American infrastructure, from manufacturing to the small business industry, while also looting the wealth of the American public AND plunging the country into a series of gratuitous wars, for the economic gain of bankers and merchants of war material. They don’t give a shit and they think you are too stupid to get it and too weak and confused to do anything about it. Every one of the participants should be indicted, hauled into court and then sent packing to some iron bar resort for a long, long time, or in some cases, convicted of capital crimes. Unfortunately, the judiciary of the United States is also owned by the same people doing all this malicious mischief.

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2 Responses to “Fast and Furious: Transparent Lies from the Division of Dumb and Dumber”

  1. The Obama Banda Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

    The Obama Banda pretended they didn’t know
    That ATF was buyin’ A.K.s at each gun show
    But it’s an indisputable fact
    They violated the Arms Export Control Act
    Selling guns to Drogas Cartell in ol’ Mexico.

    The Arma Vendedor knew things were out of sorts
    So they called up the ATF to file reports
    ATF said “Let the sales go thru”
    But in their gut, the sellers knew
    ATF would betray, and they’d take it in the shorts!

    But a couple of honest ATF agents balked
    So Holder had these Desilusionados stalked
    ‘Cause he knew this EPIC FAIL
    Could put the Obama crew in jail
    If they went before the Congress and they talked!

    Now they pressure the Yankee Prensa to ignore
    This pre-meditated, covert act of border war,
    But forty thousand dead a year
    Is what Americans need to hear
    So we can fill Guantanamo with Obama’s Arma Corredor!

    It’s time for American peons to gather torch and pike
    To hang these traitors, not protest or general strike!
    One thing history doesn’t hide
    Is Disarmament precedes Genocide
    So get the ropes before they establish their Fourth Reich!
    Charles Ulysses Feney

    Disarmament precedes Genocide – ALWAYS!
    Ask the 300 million victims in the last century.


    The State’s Rights, and Declaration Of Independence.

    “Judiciary Review By The State US Supreme Courts. ”

    “Hey you idiots in congress – just a question – why can’t you figure this out?”

    Each and EVERY STATE.

    1. THE BUDGET: $18 Billion Dollars and $ Costing 35-40 Billion in Employment.

    Every State – regardless, will be required to provide it’s actual necessary expenses the census bureau will be abolished. It’s a worthless agency, that does not wish to cooperate with and other state or federal agency, Including INS Marshall or State police or the Federal Government last year they spent 18 Billion Dollars.

    There will be no more “wasteful spending,” in “any” said criminal or civil investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or unwarranted procedures to target the people rights indefinitely and must be approved, and the “Set Amount Spent,” in any civil action by any of its said departments, and use of states revenue of supported programs.

    Such Authority, and The Presidents, of the Abuse of Power – explained a budget remand mandatory to aid other useful programs in public service.

    Same applies.


    Illegal Immigration Act,

    The unlawful violation(s) of illegal occupation @ US constitutional

    THE STATE – VI *26, Article 10, USCA In Fact Has legal Right to delegate or direct its concern.

    Then submitted to a governor for approval; and then, only if, additional action is required must be approved by a Senator, then submitted to the United States Attorney General., before it can be signed into law by the
    acting president, Article 2, sect 3.

    THE SUPREME COURT: Marbury vs. Madison and legal definition, Us Constitution, and The LAW.

    abridged such Amendments.


    The RIGHT and Legal Repeal. , US Const. 14, Sect 2, 3. Of 18 USCA – 1443.


    Violate the laws, of the United States Constitution, and it’s ORIGINAL DOCTRINE, and that otherwise, that unlawfully imposes by giving itself; to challenge “all” and “any states” of their right to protect, and uphold the laws identified by the “entire” constitution; and, to rule against unconstitutionally, article 10, that it’s respective right to allow the people, to pass such a decision that would otherwise interfere with the state’s decision in their upholding the values that represent the people.

    VI 26 * Sect 3- Trumps, Marbury Vs Madison, and defined – meaning the entire doctrine., as according to the state and all federal laws of the respective right of its natural born american citizens.

    “THE” is “the” very first word in the preamble of the United States constitution. (Repeal – every state) Marshall was wrong it was not “this” or, “its” “that” or the “other” in his inherits disobedience of the United States constitution and the ENTIRE Constitution has been determined by the respective enunciated right of all the natural citizens, and of its people of the United States of America.

    Such As Illegal Immigration:


    “JUST LIKE it is Herby Required in MEXICO- or CANADA,” to have obtained; State Sponsorship; or by its province with the legal position of the government authority.”

    To have allowed such gross oversight of the series of federal offences:

    Process of repeal:

    Obama Health Care Costing $ 21 Billion in NAFTA Back Door Policy’s- Tax Breech.


    The president actions must not be over looked, to have allowed false decrements, forgery; identity theft; false record; other forged certifications; and including applications for a bank account (s) or to illegal obtain residency, and employment; and other such federal violations , that the same laws are applied to that, or anyone, such have allowed A FEDERAL OFFENCE to have gained access to programs paid for by tax paying American Citizens.

    We can send them and their drug cartels back to wherever there from!!


    How it works:

    Each department: Must list its classification – and of any “said matter,” to approved by the elected branch governing the state. It must go before a review board in passing any decision in making the motion for a new bill or law to be established. Shall no such action be revised according to statutes, that also meaning may no city or municipal or magistrate, set its own, rules of a governing body, that meaning to act upon the color of laws, acting without, the sole approval of its state government, thus by is said electors, reserved by the right of its natural citizens.

    Legal definition:

    “These matters are set forth by the United States constitution, and contractual, as defined by laws.”

    by Article 10 USCA., 18 -35- USCA, sect 2, 1443. , of these said rights to uphold the constitution. These in any matter, the laws of any action, may not be declared without the authorization of the governor, that in any state, and then any budget proposal can be amended, said by its senate to amend, and may any such action to have been set must require the decision to must be upheld by the acting president, as sworn, under the constitutional ordinance, and respective rights of its natural citizens, born, and “legal ” emancipated by the colour in acting upon the colour of all laws .

    The Article of Confederation – THE US Constitution – and the “Entire” and the Original Doctrines of the United States of America.

    End Of Report.

    * Written BY Robert Lane Aiassa @ 10/07/2011 – WE THE PEOPLE- All the People, The United States Of America – Alexander Hamilton , Ulysses Grant, and Tomas Jefferson.

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