Fauci Says We Should Also Wear Eye Protection To Protect Against Coronavirus

coronavirus eye protection

Dr Anthony Fauci is now suggesting that Americans should consider wearing goggles or a face shield in order to prevent spreading or catching coronavirus

Fauci says that citizens are not “complete” in protecting themselves from the coronavirus unless they use eye protection as well as face coverings.

RT reports: In an interview with Dr Jennifer Ashton, ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, Fauci was asked if we might reach a point where masks are not only mandated, but eye protection as well.

“It might,” he replied, going on to explain that the only way to have “perfect protection” from the virus is by protecting the eyes, as well as the mouth and nose.

“If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” he said. “It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it.”

Masks have already become a highly contentious topic in the US, with numerous viral videos showing citizens across the country getting into shouting matches over people refusing to wear face coverings. Those arguments have even bled into politics as both the Bill Barr and Big Tech congressional hearings this week included moments where colleagues shamed one another for daring to remove their masks when it wasn’t their turn to speak.

Fauci’s recommendation for going beyond mere masks already has critics rolling their collective eyes on social media.

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