Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos vs the JWO


 the late legendary jwo researcher and author Mike Piper gives us a behind the scenes look at the marcos family and clearly illustrates FERDINAND MARCOS was a noble leader who WOULD NOT SURRENDER HIS COUNTRY’S SOVEREIGNTY TO INTERNATIONAL JEWISH FINANCIAL INTERESTS ANd subsequently WAS TARGETED FOR REGIME CHANGE – in the words of mrs. imelda marcos – “As long as we were in good standing with the Jewish people in New York, everything went well for us. But when they turned against us, everything fell apart.”


from the New Babylon – those who reign supreme
PP 52-54 -Michael Collins Piper

before President Marcos got out of line with the Jew World Order, he was a long-time ally of the US and even visited the white-house a couple times

And here I can bring some first-hand information that will come as a shock to those who prefer to worship the myth that Jews are no more influential politically and financially than other groups on our planet today.

In the late 1980s, the weekly populist newspaper for which I was a correspondent, The Spotlight, featured a series of disturbing articles detailing how the international plutocratic interests—working through the Reagan administration and the CIA (and Israel’s Mossad)—were working to dislodge Marcos as ruler of the Philippines.

The reason was that Marcos was refusing to knuckle under to the plutocratic elite, refusing to allow his national policies to be dictated by the powers-that-be. In addition, Marcos was in control of a massive gold treasure that these interests wanted for themselves.

In fact, as The Spotlight reported, Marcos’ vast personal wealth was as a consequence of his having procured a substantial portion of a gold hoard accumulated by the Japanese during World War II,as the Japanese looted the Asian nations that they conquered.

In short, Marcos’ wealth did not come— contrary to reports by the “mainstream” media—from embezzling money from his nation’s treasury or from U.S. foreign aid to the Philippines. As it was, Ferdinand Marcos became aware of the truthful reportage by The Spotlight and its chief correspondent,Andrew St.George,and later invited St. George to visit with him at the Marcos family home in exile in Hawaii.

Not only did St. George have the pleasure of spending time with the Marcos family at their villa in Honolulu, but our publisher, Willis Carto, and I myself—on other occasions—did likewise. In fact, I spent an entire very memorable day at the Marcos home, mostly in the company of Imelda, who is quite the charmer and who was justly known as “the most beautiful woman in Asia.” And although the president was quite busy, he took time off to stop by for a few minutes and said, quite pointedly,“Thank you for all of the good work that The Spotlight is doing.We have appreciated it very much.” And it was for good reason that Imelda told me—in utmost candor but quite casually and with some reflection—that “As long as we were in good standing with the Jewish people in New York, everything went well for us. But when they turned against us, everything fell apart.”


This is exactly what she said to me that day in April of 1987 as we sat on her veranda overlooking the Pacific sharing a box of chocolates. And I can tell you that although I certainly knew of the immense power of international Jewry, her comment sent chills down my spine. I kid you not. Here was one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the face of the planet telling me in no uncertain terms that it was—well—the Jews, who had brought about the demise of the Marcos regime.

filthy war-criminal Jew Paul Wolfowitz

When Imelda referred to “the Jewish people in New York,” she didn’t mean the rabbis in the diamond district, or the furriers on Fifth Avenue, or the Orthodox butchers in Brooklyn or the pawnbrokers in Harlem. No, she meant the international banking houses of the Rothschild Empire. And it should be pointed out—in light of the ongoing financial scandal that is creating such havoc in the American system—that The Spotlight specifically named Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the now-infamous figure behind the AIG insurance giant, as one of the key behind-the-scenes players in the conspiracy to destroy the Marcos family. And it likewise is no coincidence that Zionist hard-liner Paul Wolfowitz, who later rose to fame as one of the “neo-conservatives” in the George W. Bush administration, pushing for the war against Iraq, was also one of those acting in concert against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

One final note about Mrs. Marcos and her famous “shoe collection.” Contrary to the lies of the Zionist-controlled media, the fact is that most of  the many thousands of shoes held in her famous closets at Malacanang Palace in Manila had actually been gifts to her from the Philippine shoe industry. She told me this herself. It seems that virtually every time one of the shoe companies brought out a new line, they would send the First Lady samples in every color. Many of the shoes didn’t even fit!

Imelda Marcos – a beautiful woman in her younger years…all the outrageous lies the jew controlled american media were spewing about Imelda actually describe nancy reagan, the real spoiled and snobbish bitch who was first lady of the US at the time the jew media was targeting Imelda.

But it would have been unseemly, of course, for the First Lady of the republic to be discovered dumping the shoes in the palace trash, so consequently they were put away—only to be discovered when the palace was over-run after the CIA- and Mossad-directed coup d’etat that forced the Marcos family into exile and made into a sensational cause celebre by the worldwide media, which used those very shoes as“evidence”that somehow the Marcos’s had embezzled millions—maybe billions—from their nation’s treasury, when nothing, as we have seen, could be further from the truth.

a much older Imelda Marcos mockingly holding a shoe

And just for the record, the day I visited Imelda she laughingly pointed out to me that she was wearing a $10 pair of sandals she had purchased at a chain discount store. So although Imelda’s now-legendary shoe collection was well known to every man,woman and child who opened a newspaper or a magazine everywhere across the globe and was the subject of countless comic monologues on television and caricatured in cartoons for weeks on end,hundreds of millions of people all over the world knew absolutely nothing about the gold that was the real source of their wealth.decom_TrustMe_56f9cee10502d.gif

Thus,utilizing lies and disinformation,the American media made villains of the Marcos family just as they have made villains of so many others who have stood up to the Jewish elite, in one form or another, for the past century. It is a fact of political life that cannot be denied,any more than one can deny the preeminent role of Jewish influence in the mass media today. So press manipulation of public perception in the United States of foreign leaders is craftily calculated and represents a very real agenda which is, in fact, the agenda of international Zionism as it is intertwined with the International Money Power: the Rothschild Empire and its global tentacles, that power bloc which we can, in fact, correctly refer to—as it has been referred to throughout the centuries—as “the Jews.”

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Source Article from http://smoloko.com/?p=11132

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