Filthy TURD WORLDERS Crapping Up White Lands


When will the West wake up? Asks Pat Buchanan in his latest article. Folks, our country has been inundated with non-Whites since 1965, when Shabbos Goy, Teddy Kennedy, acting as the frontman to jewish politicians, passed a bill purposefully changing the demographic quotas of immigration to favor non-Whites from the Third world. Now they want to give a free ride to citizenship of even more. When will it stop?

You see the nicely dressed liars on TV telling us 24/7 that we have to do this for “the good of the country” and because Americans are so caring and fair-minded to the downtrodden of the entire planet. The republicans have to do it, should they want to the hispanic vote, even though they never get it anyways. And Hollywood constantly brainwashes the populace on immigration, right along with homo stuff and black hero worship.


Screen capture of a kiddie cartoon — look at the character they have out in front.

Notice all the required good guy roles jews have worked into movie scripts for the last twenty years, like the nigerian immigrant Marine and hispanics in the sci-fi movie “Battle of Los Angeles” shown on FOX over the weekend. Countless other Hollywood movies follow the same spiel. Even cartoon shows for kiddies on Saturday mornings, like “Dora the Explorer,” are chock full of multicult brainwashing.

White people, when are you going to get it? We do indeed have an alien race in control of the media and our finances – a traitorous, self-serving bunch that has slowly, but surely, worked to brainwash and destroy our race in our very own lands. No doubt at all, anymore.


You see it everywhere, not just Hollywood movies, either. Magazines, newspapers, primetime and cable news shows. Everywhere you turn in the media. The filthy GD jews have long been using your emotions and sense of fair play against our very own race.

Most of the jews in our countries are all for immigration (around 80% voted for Obama). White people just don’t get it, since the immigrants are not jews and often even muslims as well – supposedly enemies of jews because of sacred Israel. This disconnect serves jewry well – because the whole point of immigration has always been to turn White people into a powerless, spat-upon minority. This has been the case since day-one.

These subversive jews are unbelievable hypocrites, too, like the Australian (but really an Israeli) and World Jewish Congress honcho Isi Leibler, who says multiculturism is just great for our White, Western countries, but writes in Israeli publications that it’s not so good for his sacred Israel – which the media now openly calls “a jewish state” (they have been quietly putting that out there, hoping not too many multicults notice the hypocrisy).

Leibler gloats “Australia is no longer exclusively white and primarily of British origin.” Can you believe the GD nerve of these people? The more you know about these jews, the more sick of them you get.

JEW NWO AGENDA: It’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!

This is obviously disenfranchising White people, as well as turning our countries into stinking sewers like the rest of the planet. All these Third Worlders come over here, drive us White people into the poor house with special favors and financial assistance, breed like rats, and then have the GD nerve to commit crimes and riot in the streets over just about any GD thing!

The Scandinavian countries, like Sweden and Norway, have taken in tons of black African muslims, who gang rape and kill White women all the time. And just like America, they do everything they can not to report on these kinds of things in the media, because they don’t want Whites to get a clue.

Hell, American multicults and media care more about Pakistani women getting gang-raped in Pakistan than if Paki immigrant men do it to a White girl in Norway. You think I’m kidding you?

After black muslims rioted and burned cars all over Malmo, Sweden, meter maids went out and issued parking citations to the owners of the burnt-out hulks (lower left). Can you believe the total bull nowadays?

Last week, Pakis, Somalis and Sudanese blacks in Sweden went haywire for almost an entire week, looting and burning cars in the street. Did the police do anything about it? No, they only backed off and let them do their thing for days. The traitorous government over there is so bad they even issued parking tickets to White people who hadn’t moved their burned out cars yet! I told a neighbor about reading it on the Internet, but since FOX news didn’t say a word, he didn’t believe me. Sad.

Black immigrants in Great Britain and France riot and loot all the time, whenever they have an excuse, like if one of them gets hurt by the police during the commission of a crime, or if they just feel they are not getting enough government freebies. Hell, blacks in the US do the same thing and have lived here all their worthless lives!

John Thuo

Looks like he’s enjoying himself with those nice new clothes, huh?

How about John Thuo (right), a criminal Kenyan who has spent the last TEN YEARS living a pretty nice life in Great Britain, getting free housing and monthly financial assistance – usually without working much of a regular job. The guy fully admits to brutally butchering up to 400 people with machetes (imagine that) and taking part in female genital mutilation, when he belonged to a vicious criminal syndicate back in Kenya.

I guess there’s no black African they won’t take into our lands!

It’s not just Europe getting African immigrants, either. America takes in quite a few too; even the criminal and piratical Somalis are allowed to immigrate here — getting housing assistance, monthly financial aid from the government and White do-gooder organizations. They don’t even have to pay taxes for years. Getting to America is literally like winning the lottery for these Turd Worlders!

Are you not sick and tired of the BS going on today? Folks, all this is due to the jew and his brainwashed White multicults.

Now the traitorous jews and multicults in the USA are trying to get “comprehensive immigration reform” passed, so the illegal Mestizo scum now in America will get citizenship and can vote for more liberal democrats. Oh, sure, they’ll tell us that border security will get beefed up in return. Yeah, right: How many times have we been told that line of pure BS? Hell, they can’t even tell us the truth on how many are really in the US (22 million plus).

Whites need to get totally proactive. Tell all your family and friends to at least call your state’s senators and congressmen and say NO to this latest bill. I’m not saying it’s going to work or if that’s enough. Just take a few minutes and do it anyways.

You also need to tell people around you about the stinking jew’s destruction of America and other White lands. I know it won’t be easy for this, but you got to stiffen your spine a little and do it.

– Phillip Marlowe

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