Firefighters Come To The Rescue Of 120-Pound Great Dane Stuck 20 Feet Up In A Tree

Wes McGuirk, the owner of Kora, a 120-pound Great Dane, went home one day and was totally surprised to see his dog stuck 20 feet up in a tree in his backyard. He not only wondered how Kora managed to climb that high, but was also concerned because he had no idea how to help her get down.

He tried to reach her using the ladder he had, but it was way too short so he had to call the firefighters to help.

“While we were responding, we were admittedly somewhat skeptical,” said firefighters with Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department. “Upon arrival, sure enough, there she was. A 120 pound Great Dane about 20 feet up in the tree.”

The first thing that came to the rescuers’ mind was to use a leash and harness, but they knew there was a chance for the dog to fell down so they placed a tarp under the tree just in case. They certainly didn’t want to risk for Kora to get hurt during her rescue. But with the help of Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue, it was certain the Great Dane will be back to her owner very soon.

And, they were right. Kora did fell but the tarp helped her get back on her feet totally unharmed.

The rescuers who helped Kora get down say how this was one of the missions they will never forget.

If you want to see what was happening, check the video below.

Thankfully, Kora is safe and sound and we hope she won’t climb that high ever again.

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