Flu Gets Rebranded to Create Havoc


March 25, 2020


  • Respondents feeling stressed by the crisis: 74%
  • People worried how to pay for food and rent: 40%
  • Those so stressed they’re losing sleep: 30%
  • People expecting to need more debt: 19%
  • Number reporting ‘extremely negative’ virus impact on finances: 29%
  • People with no plan to deal with this: 32%
  • Number feeling financially secure: 6%


“80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have hospital attention.  All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues.  No healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died.  It’s an alarm with no foundation.  In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any real information about the virus.  But after seeing what it is, the information is too exaggerated.”

10.  The Illuminati are Cabalists (Freemasons.) They believe perception is reality. They control the mass media (perception.) Saying so makes it so. Of course, this is nonsense but they will never stop

testing the limits of their power. If they say gender is a “social construct” then so be it! If they say we descended from chickens, we will cluck. If they say we’re under a pandemic, we’ll don silly masks. And if they say, China and Russia must be attacked, hey nuclear war is hunky dory too.  

As long as we let them get away with it, it will continue.

Right now,  Adult Entertainment venues, Massage Parlors, Café’s, Restaurants, Libraries, Real Estate Offices, Open Houses, Pubs, Clubs, everything but not limited to the above are now closed. They have even taken the magic and joy from weddings. Only the couple and witnesses. Funerals can only have a handful of people. Now house  parties are going to be banned. Kids can’t even go to the movies, video arcades or hang out.

Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/03/Common-Flu-is-Rebranded-to-Create-Havoc.html

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