Fluoride Awareness Grows: No Science to Show Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay



When you were a kid, you probably went to the dentist and first tried that liquid that leaves that kinda burning feeling in your mouth. The yucky substance that you have to hold in your mouth for a couple minutes before you got your free toothbrush, floss and toy from the treasure chest (at least my dentist had toys!) this substance is known in the dentistry field as fluoride and we’re told it is to help strengthen our tooth enamel. On TV ads, we also here about fluoride as it is in our toothpaste as well. You likely have read or heard that fluoride is what helps to prevent cavities. If you continued to read the toothpaste tube or read the toothpaste box, you would also have found that there is a warning stating that if you swallowed the substance, you should call the poison control center. This article intends to look at why this warning is there, but also where fluoride comes from and how it effects our teeth.

toothpaste-300x222Why would you need to call the poison control center if you swallowed toothpaste? Fluoride is the answer. Contrary to popular belief, fluoride is not a pharmaceutical grade sustenance used in the prevention of tooth decay. Fluoride is a toxic waste product from the aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industries.  Sodium Fluoride, fluorosilic acid, and sodium silicofluroide are the substances we use in toothpaste, at the dentist and to fluoridate our water. All of these substances come from the industries listed above.

The substances listed above are very toxic and extremely corrosive. They must transport them in special trucks because they eat through many materials. The industries producing these fluorides would have to pay millions and millions of dollars to properly dispose of these toxic chemicals and this would drive their costs up. This is where the fluoride story starts to get interesting. As we follow the history and the money, we begin to uncover that companies were hiring scientists to come up with science that could suggest fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.Fluoride_Bag_ToxicPoison_197x288

ALCOA, the Aluminum Company of America, hired the services of Gerald J. Cox to determine whether fluoride could assist in preventing tooth decay. With vested interest, Cox came back claiming fluoride was in fact successful in preventing tooth decay.

“There is no data or scientific findings that show sodium fluoride, fluorosilic acid and silicofluoride prevent tooth decay.”

After the release of Cox’s claims, the fluoride waste these industries produced began being trapped in the smoke stacks of the factories, collected, put into barrels and sold to municipalities to add to their drinking water. Before these industries were trapping fluoride emissions, the fluoride pollution was scorching vegetation, killing crops and crippling livestock.

“Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant.” US Department of Agriculture.

What is interesting is that given the information about where fluoride comes from, today we are still being told that fluoride is good for our teeth. Interestingly, there is much evidence to suggest that the acidity of fluoride is actually causing it to rot our teeth. Teeth rot when the enamel on the outside of the tooth becomes compromised and acid begins to eat away at the inside of the tooth. If acid sits on the outside of the tooth, over time it begins to kill the adenosine diphosphatase and the enamel weakens. The problem with fluoride is, once it comes in contact with teeth it kills the adenosine diphosphatase which in turn compromises tooth enamel.

Fluoride is also linked to a large variety of adverse effects within the body including dental fluorosis, lowering of IQ, weak bones, arthritis, bone disease, hypothalamus damages, thyroid damages, a variety of cancers, skeletal fluorosis, brain damage and much more.

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”–Robert Carton, Ph.D. former US EPA scientist.

Possibly one of the most astounding facts about fluoride is the effects it has on numbing the brain and making it docile. Several studies have been conducted that show increased levels of fluoride exposure creates a lowering of IQ and sedation within the brain. In fact, fluoride is found in over 25% of tranquilizers and is often referred to as “the chemical lobotomy.”

The important thing to note is that there are alternatives. Instead of drinking tap water or bottled water that contains fluoride, you can purchase reverse osmosis water from a local health food store or purchase and in house system. When it comes to toothpaste, there are may natural toothpastes on the market that do not contain fluoride. When you go to the dentist, kind request they do not use any fluoride during your treatment and share information as to why you care not to have the fluoride.


Note: if these are creating some challenge to our current beliefs on fluoride, then do research about this to see what resonates most. This has become very clear, well documented and proven knowledge.


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