Franklin Graham: Look Closely at Kamala Harris — ‘Most Liberal Senator in Congress’

With only a week before Election Day, Christian leader Rev. Franklin Graham asked his followers to evaluate the two candidates for vice president, should it become necessary for either of them to assume the office of president.

“Who would you trust in this key position and to possibly one day fill the role of president of the United States?” he posted his question to Facebook.

First, Graham summarized many of the policy positions of Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris (CA):

She is a lawyer, former DA of San Francisco, former Attorney General of California, and is known as the most liberal Senator in Congress. She is an avid supporter of abortion. She supports sanctuary cities, open borders, the Green New Deal, and the government mandating things like mask-wearing outdoors. She supports legalizing marijuana at the national level, and she has been weak on supporting law enforcement. Kamala Harris supports increasing taxes. She opposes the oil industry and would ban fracking. She opposes the 2nd amendment and advocates for strong gun control.

The evangelist said that Harris “would appoint liberal, activist judges to the federal court system and to the Supreme Court.”

“If Joe Biden were to win this election, many people believe Kamala Harris would likely have to replace him as president in the next couple of years due to his age and possible cognitive decline,” he explained.

Graham then went on to discuss Vice President Mike Pence:

He served as a Congressman and then Governor of the state of Indiana before becoming our Vice President. He has a long history of being pro-life. He supports family and believes in marriage between a man and a woman. He supports secure borders and a strong military. He is an outspoken advocate of the police and law enforcement across this country. He supports lowering taxes. Mike Pence is pro-2nd Amendment.

Pence, Graham continued, “would continue appointing conservative judges who believe in and support the Constitution to the federal court system and to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“He has a track record of defending religious freedom,” the faith leader added. “He is an evangelical Christian and isn’t ashamed or afraid to share his personal faith.”

“So, ask yourself, who do you trust to lead this country if either one of the candidates were unable to fulfill his duties as President?” Graham asked his followers, continuing his backing of Donald Trump that has been a feature of his 2020 efforts.


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