For the past 6 years I have been a fulltime Truth Advocate on myspace ( and facebook, 2,000 “friends” major recording artists, bands, actors, celebrities, truth researchers …voted in the top ten advocates for wearechange …. and experienced

thug threats on the street to shutup,
my business being blacklisted and sued,
threats and smearing in the media, magazines, movies,
busstop posters, advertising on buses(all corrupt government financed),
slurring ads on facebook, myspace and the internet in general.

I have had to work day and night for 5 years to stay alive and get continually bombarded with psychological harassment, mockery & abuse – FREEMASON ILLUMINATI GANGSTALKING. I live with my younger brother who I financially support aswell!!! I am a professional musician in Sydney(15years of accredited experience), Australia with a honours in Economics and Finance : Don’t you worry the Freemason Illuminati like to keep their abuses secret.

I cover all related issues including :

the roots of false satanic religion,
911 inside job,
chemtrails(designed a very exhaustive chemtrail website in 2003,
Free Energy : Water 4 Fuel (my father was the director of water fuel australia in the 70’s and was driving a waterfuel car back then),
government corruption and pedophilia,
gulf oil disaster, purposeful fukushima disaster & HAARP – Rothschild Illuminati New World Order,
corruption in the medical industry related to prescribed abusive pharmaceutical drugs,
GMO’s, poisons in our food and water, fluoride, aspartame, BPA’s,
Autism linked with vaccines, baby fetuses used for taste experimentation,
toxic food & processes : macdonald, KFC,
origins and history of the Freemasons & the Illuminati ……………

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