Freemasons : Good Goyim # 2

Well, I didn’t really plan on doing another article on our Jewish Slaves so quickly, but they just keep asking for it – they posted another fantastic piece of material on their lovely social media site – and we just have to go through it, the comments and the various characters who replied. If you liked the last one, you’ll like this one even more because the topic is literally : Raceand the Masons, of course, do not see Race. They are the supposed enlightened and scientific foundation of any Nation they find themselves in, but genetics and DNA must be the work of the Devil – surely, Yahweh and the Jews must be right when they say that different Races do not exist – why, that must be a fucking lie.

You all know by now about the TPP and its Jewish attempt to entirely suck in the Planet under their control – well, guess what – Masons are praising the King Negro for pushing for the TPP, they are praising the TPP, as we can see : Does free-trade promote Freemasonic ideals? According to the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, countries with the most trade freedom have higher per capita GDPs, lower incidences of hunger, lower rates of unemployment, and cleaner environments than countries at the bottom of the trade freedom scale.

Freemasonry stands as a global organization dedicated to improving the lives of all people through charity and brotherly love.Moreover, free trade among nations has been shown to promote peaceful international relations. When free-trade exists across political boundaries, the world becomes more integrated as individuals and companies interact.  As President George Washington wrote in 1791, Masonry was “founded in justice and benevolence,” and “the grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.” Yeah, the White Race is currently so happy man – we are so happy, we are literally laughing so much that we are going to die out from laughter. Fucking imbeciles.


I guess this image says enough, now doesn’t it? I could basically end the article here and you’d gather all the information you need about them at this point. We’d be done and continue on with our struggle against various Jewish organizations, institutions, religions, and the Jews themselves of course. But, we have to hammer this through – and I brought an Axe with me to help as well. Let us assume that we lived in truly Nationalistic Countries again – god damn Nations where only Ethnic and/or Racial people live.

You’d have, for example, Masonic lodges in Sweden where only White European Nordic Swedes are members. These members are being taught how to become “better men” and their mission is to further the prosperity of their own Nation and to keep the Peace within it. They are not to intermingle with the Aristocracy of the Nation nor the Philosophers and Meritocracy that is guiding it. They are not to take any positions of power nor to use and abuse them. They are there to make sure however that everything runs smoothly – they are the hidden defenders of the Nation. And, if there ever comes a time when lunatics were to come into positions of power, the Masons would then have to rise up and kick those guys out of power and replace them with other honorable people – but never – with themselves. Sounds much better than the Jewish crap they are currently performing right?

And let us assume now that there are Masonic Lodges in Somalia, where only Black African Somalians are members of it. They do the exact same thing for their own Nation – and every now and then – various members of various lodges from all across the Planet meet up and discuss how to make better relationships, how to further certain Nationalistic problems or how to help Nations which other Brothers have a trouble bringing into prosperity. No need for multiculturalism. No need for race-mixing. Absolutely no need for the Chaos we are currently in. No need for Jewish Chosenites or any type of their Degeneracy. But, you do not directly give help to others – you simply give them the ideas and tools of how to develop themselves – Charity is nonsense; tell them to learn how to Fish instead of giving them fucking Fish every day.

In the age of Internet Jews are selling us the idea that we need multi-cultural societies when we can establish and get shit done over the Net without having to ever meet up.

But, of course this short story of mine couldn’t be further from the Truth and our Reality. The Jews have sold Christianity to Masonry and have created out of it the same Abrahamic filth which all other Abrahamic religions are – idiocies of the highest degree – and I cannot tell you how many times I basically cry out and wonder why the hell Atlantis had to sink and not the Middle East. We would have heaven on Earth without the Jews and their made up bullshit stories.

Therefore, Masons are just another Christianized bunch of idiots who do not see Race and are supposed to turn humanity into “one” – whether that be in name of Jesus or the Great Architect – it doesn’t fucking matter anymore. The Jewish end game plan is always the same – while the rest of the world merges itself into the nothingness of a mixed-race population, the Jews will always know who and what they are – they will have an identity while the rest won’t – and this will give them power over the entire planet. The rest will be a brown population of individuals who have their opinions and seek their own individual happiness and will do anything to gain it – while the Jews will remain the only collective consciousness – which will enable them an easy rule over the rest.

No one will seek the Truth as the Aryan will cease to exist. There will be no nobility anymore, no Nature, nothing. We are heading towards a world of darkness, decay, sickness, degeneracy and constant state of drugged lunacy. And what better way to achieve this Jew World Order, but to use terms such as “Love” and “Democracy”, “Liberalism” and “Progressiveness” – what better way indeed. This world is currently filled with way too many self-righteous religious imbeciles who have no operating brain cell of their own anymore. They worship the Jews and Yahweh – both directly and indirectly. But, let us continue now with our analysis :


This guy is an old dude who has many Vietnam Facebook groups and Genealogy tests – who knows – perhaps he was hoping to find some Jewish DNA within him and join the Chosen people in their struggle. But, then again, if he is against the Vietnam war – then he would be against himself if he were to find Chosenite blood – that would indeed be a complicated moment in his life. Anyways, he says here that he wouldn’t ever have anything to do with any organization that judges anyone by color, religion or beliefs. Hihihi, I am laughing my ass off. He fucking sits in one, yet they are simply ordered to ignore that fact.

All Abrahamic books sit in every Masonic Lodge, and every Lodge is basically an organization – it has a hierarchy, they pay money to it and it has a system of work and obedience. In the Old Testament Jews are told to kill anyone who disagrees with their Faith, they are told to kill all Men, Women and Children when they encounter Strangers and are to destroy their Faith and Nation. In the Quran it says that Black people are spawns of Satan and – yet again – Muslims are ordered to kill anyone who does not follow their version of the Jewish story.

Christians were killing non-believers as well, burning witches, killing children – they fought Jewish wars and are still doing so to this very day. Jesus himself told to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in him. He was a Jewish supremacist and Zionist who said that salvation can only come from the Jews, that he came only for the Jews and compared non-Jews to dogs. Surely, none of these elements have anything to do with race, religion or belief. I must be mad and crazy for even bringing such stuff up. Imagine how stupid these Masons basically are – there they are, sitting upon those “holy books” of the Jews – and the Jews tell them meanwhile to ignore these details and simply work together as “brothers” in order to create a “united world” which consequently is the Jew World Order. Impressive, to say the least.


When you see a Jewish Merchant leaving a Bank and offering you a business deal, you are not to judge him by Race. That would be not only immoral and unjust, it would be fucking anti-Semitic. Yahweh would feel very sad if you were to do so. If you see a group of young Black people around midnight wearing hoodies and running towards you, you are not to judge them even if they stab you with knives – that would be immoral and unjust. Seeing a Muslim walking around with his 9 year old Wife and having thoughts of disgust pop up into your mind is also – immoral and unjust.

Can’t you just see how beautiful this world will be when the Jews and their Masonic slaves once and for all kill any kind of Truth? When everyone literally will never again understand the difference between right and wrong, good and evil? This is why I sad several times before already that ultimately you have to read the Bible in reverse – they want to create a world of Adam and Eve in which they never ever ate the fucking Fruit – a world in which all there will exist are Mindless Slaves unable to process any thought, let alone judgement.

The Black guy called Ryan Robinson is also a Mason – and he is making a joke about Whitey here – even though we know by now that the KKK was not only operated by various Jewish secret agencies, but also by – according to some sources – Masons as well : we can still understand what this African implied by the post. One should notice however that he married a White woman, he loves the Bible and also follows and likes the idea that Jesus was Black. We are all “equal”, but the African knows very well that he is “uplifting” himself and his Seed by having a White woman.


Guess he is using some kind of Masonic reference here with the Sun, Moon, Star bullshit – he is the Sun, she is the Moon and the Star is their child – “only God knew this DNA was needed”… I mean if I didn’t think we still had a fighting chance I would literally just find a remote place on this planet and let it all go to hell. This world literally wishes to die, it wants to be ruled over by Jews it has given up on all principles, disciplines, honor and loyalty. It deserves to be destroyed basically. It has transformed itself into an addiction with no vision and no past – if we do not succeed in stopping the Jews and they really manage to genocide us and turn this planet into shit – then I truly hope that a Noble Alien Race shows up and just kills everyone and settles down on Earth.

Anyways, if you haven’t – you should read some Plato – basically, you should read as much pre-Christian European stuff as you can. All of them were hardcore Nationalist and Race-realists. Only with the coming of Christianity did we become retarded and believed that we are all one and should open our fucking borders – but, you can read more about that in my All Christians are Cucks article number 6. Since these Masonic idiots believe in some kind of Creator God, they might as well ask themselves the following thing : If this great mathematician and architect, an engineer so to speak, has created everything – why then, did he create different Races? And if he did create them, he did so with a purpose.

We however are not to bother ourselves with that question too much – we are to make the best of it and to prove ourselves worthy – to use our abilities and gifts. Furthermore, everything develops in mathematics and finally reaches the end of its equation. We can clearly see that the Australian Aboriginal is not the same as a god damn White European – why then would we decide to eradicate the White European? It would seem to me that Jews have sold the idea of “alchemy” to these idiots on many wrong levels – they probably told them – we are doing a grand alchemical performance in the name of the great Architect : we are going to race-mix everything into one.

Surely, nothing can go wrong – but, this of course doesn’t mean that we think that the Great Architect did a mistake by creating us such as we are, wink wink nod nod.

The Shane Pryor guy from the image before is however an interesting one. A hardcore god damn Christian who loves guns and various groups of naked and sexy women, including Playboy. I think this one hasn’t read the Bible either. But, don’t worry – he is now a better man than you and I – we are perhaps not even good, we are probably immoral, unjust, dangerous, evil and so on – but, this guy right here – he is a better men. He likes an infinite numbers of groups, among them this one : The Masonic Philosophical Society, where they wonder about topics such as Is cultural globalization detrimental to individuality?, where they justify our coming genocide by simply saying that people are “moving easier than ever”. They are taking the piss.

The next thing Shane liked is this : Chosen People Ministries – a god damn Jewish group about the Jews with the following description : Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Chosen People Ministries Vision and Core Values are: Exists to glorify God, proclaim the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentile, and develop resources and programs to accomplish this task. Places the worker above the work. Is concerned with and promotes the welfare of the Jewish community. Is a Board-governed organization whose ministry is planned and implemented by missionaries and supported by the administrative staff. Is dependent on God’s provision for the Mission through the prayer and financial support of fellow believers.

Their website is literally called, I shit you not. And this fucking Christian Mason likes and follows them. I mean, when are you going to realize that the core, source and root of all our problems is the Bible and the Jew who fucking wrote it? The way you think, feel, rationalize, judge, your morality, your loyalty – everything is being determined by the Jews and their Book. It is disgusting, you are ugly creatures of no self-awareness, you are so dead inside that you literally are a fucking walking zombie at this point in time. Shane also liked a stop Racism page. He also likes the Israeli Defense Force, as well as traveling to Israel. If you haven’t noticed – he likes Israel. There are countless more groups, but these are enough I think. Just your regular, average Mason.


We all know he isn’t talking about Whites here, because who else but non-Whites are soooooo oppressed in White Nations, right? Notice also, he isn’t talking about their Masonic Lodges and their Secret Society – he is talking in general about our White Nations, our Societies – and since the Society of an Ethnic People is a political element of those people, this Mason here is calling to change the Society and fight against “systemic oppression” which is entirely a political movement. As we have seen in the first article of the same name, Masons are not to discuss any political points – yet, here we have them calling for a fucking revolution basically.


Then we have a Black Mason telling us how an “Irishman” raised the Prince Hall Black Masonry. Sure, sure, I suppose it was a hook-nosed Irish fellow who had nothing better to do in his life. “Their fraternal DNA is the same”. Picture that, Masons have a fraternal fucking DNA. They disregard Genetics in every other case, but they have Masonic DNA the moment they get baptized within their Jewish temple. Amazing.

He then mentions a book written by two guys. The Stephen David Kantrowitz guy is an obvious Jew who also wrote : Ben Tillman & the Reconstruction of White Supremacy, More Than Freedom: Fighting for Black Citizenship in a White Republic. I assume the Hinks guy is Jewish as well. But, as per usual, let us entirely forget that it was Blacks who sold other fellow Blacks into slavery to Jews who then brought their Black slaves into America. Let us entirely forget that Slavery came into being just and only because of Jews.

Let us also forget that Jews are commanded by Yahweh and Moses to have slaves and to give to their children slaves as an inheritance. Let us also ignore and forget the fact that Jews are supposed to have 2800 Slaves per Jewish head once their Jew World Order is established. Let us ignore that they call all non-Jewish people Goyim, human cattle and slaves. Let us ignore that all who follow Christ and Yahweh are called this Slaves; let us ignore that all who follow Allah are called his slaves. Let us ignore that Abrahamic religions are based upon slavery.


Here we have a fresh Master Mason, here you can see his larger profile picture : he proudly supports trans rights – amazing, isn’t it? – how the Jews have sold this trans bullshit within one single generation up to the point where it has become a fucking reality … the same way they sold Christianity to us.


Yeah, when you treat everyone with kindness and mutual respect, you eventually get killed, just like that one woman who let in an African immigrant into her home in Europe and got killed by him later that day. Just like the White family who took in another such immigrant and he killed their daughter. Just like those South African Whites who allowed dozens of Blacks to come and stay at their farm, only to be kicked out of their own farm by the Blacks. You have to worry about nothing – says this enlightened Mason – you must be a good Christian and let others trample over you.

It is immoral to hate an ethnicity, that is to say race, or their form of worship. Ironically, Jews are commanded to do exactly that within the Bible, the same Bible which sits upon every Masonic altar. Jews are commanded to destroy every non-Jewish form of worship and replace it with one of their own. To this day the Jewish ADL marks European Pagan Symbols as hate speech; the Jewish cult of Christianity didn’t stop until it eradicated all of our form of worship. They also never stop genociding our people and are – in the 21st century – finally going to succeed in it, if we do not stop them. But, I assume this Mason would never tell to the Jews : “The problem is a lack of acceptance of yourself”. Actually, when you think about it, the Jews would laugh as that would mean that they should be more Jewy than they already are.

He finishes with “not changing people” and starts the next sentence with “changing the world”. Figures. I love how he says “bad people hurt others”, but it has nothing to do with religion. When the Jews kill people because Yahweh said so – it has nothing to do with them being Evil bastards – after all, their fairy tale Yahweh commanded it to them. They simply obeyed. The same is true for the Muslims. As well as for Christians. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting headaches over here – having to read such crap… to witness all the Chaos these idiots have done to this world and continue to do; to witness that they all ignore the Jewish hand behind all of the Degeneracy, Death and Destruction… it boggles my mind, it makes me stare into the Sky and wonder what kind of laboratory experiment this planet actually is.

That’s it pretty much. You can read through the rest on your own. So far we have seen that Masons ignore the entire idea of Nation, Race, Ethnicity and are full blown followers of Democracy, Communism, Jews, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Bible. They love fucking Israel and take oaths in their Name. They are all up for Globalization and call it sometimes the creation of a wider Culture, whatever the fuck that means.

We have seen that Coudenhove-Kalergi, a Mason, was behind the entire idea of the European Union and has stated within that plan that they should genocide the White Race, replace it with mixed Race brown people and place Jews as the rulers of this new Brown Europe. I don’t see any Masons being against this idea – I see no resistance to it. Matter of fact, they quickened the process! There are Liberal Masonic branches in France that are pro-immigration and even fund the arrival of Africans into France. The God damn president of France is a Mason; is he doing anything to stop the genocide of the French people? No. And he never will.

Among all the posts within this article, there was a Black Mason who said that Race is an Illusion but Culture is Real. Culture comes from Raceboth are Real. But leave it to Jews to corrupt the minds of everyone and everything. Therefore, there is one single thing we can conclude here – Masonry is a Judeo-Christian organization that follows the Bible and is the same shit as any other Judeo-Christian cult, institution, church, organization, government agency – it has the same narrative, follows the same patterns, plays the same game and has the same two end results : White genocide and the Jew World Communistic Order. Our struggle is the fight against these two end results, we are the remaining few who have not fallen to Jewish brainwashing. We shall fight until our last breath and die with honor.


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