Friendly street dog sits at the same spot every day waiting for someone to save him

It’s because of kind-herated people like the staff at Howl of a Dog that many stray animals get a second chance for a better life and end up in loving forever homes. This organization is based in Romania and makes sure as many animals in need as possible get the help they deserve.

This time, the volunteers went to a rural part of the country to take part in a spay-neuter campaign when they stumbled upon a very friendly dog named Remy.

The dog was full of energy and very playful, but despite that, no one was willing to offer him a home.

The volunteers said how the dog was branded. Apparently, some people in this country believe that if they burn a dog’s nose with a red-hot iron, it will help keep the animal healthy and avoid contracting distemper.

Needless to say, this belief is cruel and only harms the animal, both physically and emotionally.

Sadly, the top of one of Remy’s ears was torn off and that also spoke of the abuse this tiny and helpless creature went through.

Despite all that, Remy still loved being around humans, but they didn’t want to be around him. Well, at least until his rescuers showed up.

As it turned out, most people from the place where Remy was found would only take a dog in if it serves the purpose of a guard dog. Lovable and friendly canines are worthless to them, and that’s really sad to hear.

The volunteers learned that Remy also spent great amount of his time near a grocery store as the woman working there fed him regularly. But, she couldn’t adopt him, so the street was this dog’s home.

But Remy deserved more than that, so the staff at Howl for Dogs took him with them to their headquarter and made sure he got vaccinated. As for now, he’s still there but is looking for a forever home. It doesn’t have to be a family from Romania, as he can travel to any part of the world as long as the perfect family shows up.

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