George Clooneys wife is a man

George Clooneys wife is a man

To My complete ignorance not being a Clooney fan and not interested in his social life i have to say I thought his wife was a woman.

I admit I was fooled she or he has the Arabic nose many beautiful eastern woman have and looks at first glance like a woman.

I am not saying its 100% true because there is no absolute proof but I did ring a female friend before I mentioned the video below I asked her about George Clooneys wife Amal, I said she was quite good looking to which she responded “yes but sometimes she looks a bit Man like”.

I was very surprised at My female friend’s reaction .

Many times In pictures its hard to tell if someone is a trans-person because people who are photogenic look great in front of the camera.  In the flesh its easier to see if  not just because we see something is not quite right.

Many of them are very convincing but Men give off a certain energy in the flesh , women have a different energy there is always something Icky going on its a bit like looking at your own middle or older aged mum if she wore a very tight bikini(god forbid). Dont go there.

Amal, Georges wife  is not just any transsexual (alleged) She-he is linked to high calibre Zionist movers and shakers in the Arabic world  through this “Sham” Marriage.

 Its always been suspected Clooney was Gay or bisexual as most are in hollywierd but this really  is a Zionist Masonic Media circus.


*EXCLUSIVE* George Clooney and Amal Celebrate First Valentines Day Since they Got Hitched **MUST CALL FOR PRICING**

Looking closer at Amal He-She  has no curves at all it is not normal for an Arabic woman to be this unnaturally thin to look almost anorexic.


Pic above those are not shoulder pads yes she has normal male shoulders or he has huge female shoulders despite being extremely skinny Amal can not reduce his -her man shoulder and is seen here with a mans straight waist.

As seen across America, weight and body image has had a huge influence on young women. There is a constant fight to be ‘skinny’ or have that model figure the media presents as ‘beautiful.’ In the Middle East, women are typically built curvier than western countries. A healthy body with ‘meat’ on the bones was always seen as the most attractive body type.

Does Amal look like a woman from the back? He she is also wearing Heels to raise the bottom and hips. She-he also seems to always wear a high waist band as such to cover the fact she-He has a mans waist no hips and a mans Bum.


Very strong Male chin Male forehead what looks like a protruding Adams apple we know female hormone replacement and surgery reduce the size of this but His-Hers is still pronounced.

below Miss(Mr) Trans Brazil notice the belly button is well above the waist.”interjection” do the eyes look demonic?

The enquirer does not expect him or her to ever get pregnant.

Anyone who expects a baby from Mr. and Mrs. Clooney is probably hoping to meet the Easter Bunny this spring.

Notice how trans men  cover if possible the  belly button and curve the waist this model looks like a better looking Mick jagger look how thin he is and the huge shoulders.

Is Amal Clooney a beautiful transsexual

.Trannie Schoolie:

Tranny on pin interest   put on a black wig bit of surgery could this be Amal clooney?

 is it hard to imagine with the MSM media so controlled to fool the whole world. But look at the next link and find out these trans men are everywhere in the media now days.

Isis King

Isis King made history as the first transgender model to compete on the 11th cycle of America’s Next Top Model

Did Amal dieted to the point of starvation  to hide  how big and strong he -she actually is.

Mr Clooney has been used a Front Man to represent the United states for fundraising for charity(all money is invested in non charity businesses.)

He is also a representative of big oil in Africa. George with Illuminate Puppets and billionaire Kerry.

Georges zionist inspired project click

George Clooney after his fake arrest Despite Mulsims murdering Christians wholesale in Sudan not one thing about this was mentioned by Clooney supported by the Muslim brotherhood ( CIA  Mossad ) infested White House.

After meeting with Obama the next day, Clooney told reporters he was encouraged by the president’s level of interest. “We feel like there’s a commitment at the high level” to address the Sudanese situation, Clooney told reporters. But Clooney got even more attention the next day as TV cameras provided live coverage of his arrest for trespassing onto the grounds of the Sudanese Embassy to protest what he had described to the senators as Khartoum’s “campaign of murder and fear and displacement and starvation.” Hauled away in plastic handcuffs, Clooney later settled the charge by paying a $100 fine

George Clooney Amal Divorce? Actor is Gay Says Reports

huge rumor is making the rounds that George and Amal are already parting ways. Apparently, the split  is because of a few pictures that were taken 20 years ago where George was seen kissing Noah Wyle on the cheek. As ridiculous as this sounds It is a fake marriage for American Oil interests in the Sudan. Now Job is done its time to get divorced a flimsy excuse is all George needs.  Job done.


George Clooney satanic union with ARABIC JEWISH -ILLUMINATI TRANSGENDER AMAL. Featuring Hollywood’s Satanic Slaves, ZIONIST Freemasons, and the ARABIC JEWISH ILLUMINATI.

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3 Responses to “George Clooneys wife is a man”

  1. Razif Muhamad Bumiputera says:

    George Clooney is all about money, diamonds & the high life. It is not G. Clooney’s business to meddle in the Sultan of Brunei’s affairs because it does not concern Clooney. G.Clooney could turn to eradicate poverty in the United States, with Los Angeles alone having about 40,000 homeless. G. Clooney is another rich fucked up conceited cunt with his big ego dangling between his thighs ! There are many being forced to sleep rough during winter but G. Clooney just tosses & turns in his $20,000/- comfort bed, not even thinking about those on the streets. He struts around in Hollywood with that false grin of his, knowing that his life is on gold & diamonds. Just one big showman, masturbating under the quilt ! George Clooney’s dick is up his ass !

  2. Haslan bin Daud says:

    George Clooney has got magic powers. When he blows on his flute, his cock will rise up & writhe about to the tune ! Hey !Hey ! Hey !
    Clooney can even wedge his cock up his arsehole & walk about in the city. George is nothing compared to Amal. Amal is very brainy but George is a cock head. If he had no money, Amal would not even look at him.
    Clooney is even a 5th rate actor alongside Clint Eastwood. But George Clooney can fart anytime he pleases ! He has the fart factor !

  3. Abu Syed Mydin says:

    They say that George Clooney breaks hearts & jams printers. Breaks hearts perhaps. But printers ? That’s different ! George Clooney simply places a document between his cock & balls & pressed his arse cheeks. A photocopy of the document drops out !. To print a copy, G. Clooney puts that document in his ass hole & presses his balls.His cock will print out a copy. Voila ! Done !

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