Germany: Afghan Migrant Arrested for Rape of 11-Year-Old is Released Within Two Weeks, Commits Second Rape of 13-Year-Old

It seems that mind-fucked German judges want little German children to be raped by Taliban goat herders.

Daily Mail:

A man who raped an 11-year-old girl in Germany was released from custody after 12 days and then went on to rape a 13-year-old just five weeks later, it is alleged.  

The Afghan migrant’s alleged sex crimes have caused outrage in Germany where politicians are calling for his deportation if he is found guilty.

The 23-year-old, named as Zubyr S., was first arrested in June but released less than two weeks later after authorities claimed there was no evidence he was likely to re-offend. 

However, last Friday, he allegedly lured a 13-year-old girl into a corridor and raped her, leading to his second arrest when the girl described him to investigators.

Prosecutor Boerge Klepping told Bild that the two alleged rapes in Dortmund were ‘similar incidents’.  

He said the suspect had been released from custody on July 3 after authorities ruled there was no danger he would re-offend or try to escape. 

The man had previous convictions for drugs offences and fare evasion, but was considered low-risk because he had a permanent address and no history of sex crimes. 

‘You need an urgent suspicion and you need a reason to keep someone in custody,’ prosecutor Volker Schmerfeld-Tophof told broadcaster WDR

‘For a risk of re-offending, you need specific circumstances which were absolutely not the case here.’ 

Rape away, goatmen, is the message from Germany’s courts.

This is exactly why these migrants go to Germany. The government, media and courts in that god forsaken jew-run hellhole are all conspiring to humiliate and exterminate the German race. They’re purposely permitting these indignities as part of some bizarre jewish talmudic revenge game.

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