Germany: Suspected Dyke Angela Merkel Bans Burning of EU Flag to Combat ‘Hate’

You’re not allowed to hate an institution that is trying to destroy your race, white man.

If you decide to express disdain for unelected bureaucrats who have it in for your race, you go to jail, bigot!


Germany’s Bundestag has approved a new law imposing a prison sentence of up to three years for damaging or destroying a European Union flag, in an effort to curb “hate”.

The national parliament voted on Thursday to amend the criminal code to protect the European Union flag from being destroyed, damaged, or defaced. Punishments for contraventions of the law range from a fine or even a prison sentence of up to three years.

The vote follows months of debate on the law, and a previous session in parliament on protecting the EU flag from physical expressions of criticism in January. Reporting at the time, Germany’s Deutsche Welle noted strong controversy around the subject, with some members insisting the burning of flags is a legitimate form of political speech and to ban it would be a curb on freedom of expression.

Various parties opposed the proposal at the time, including Die Linke (The Left Party), and the populist-right Alternative fur Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) who insisted that as the European Union is not a state, it does not deserve to be protected as one. Fabian Jacobi of the AfD said the real purpose of the law was to make “citizens to think twice about whether they dared to publicly criticize the EU”, the report stated.

In the end, only the AfD voted against the ban, citing “excessive interference with freedom of expression”.

Don’t you dare burn that flag, bigot! If you burn the EU flag, that means you’re a racist and homophobe who opposes the globalist project to exterminate white people. If you oppose the extermination of white people through a process of mass immigration and forced integration, then you’re a dangerous thought criminal!

Merkel and company are becoming maniacally desperate to shut up anyone who criticizes them. The more authoritarian they become, the more resentment it will breed in the population, the stronger the resistance will become.

So this old, childless dyke hag can keep pushing her insane speech controls… but it won’t end well for her.

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