Getting Off the Grid

Our enemies are on a rampage trying to shut down all political speech opposed to their agenda of white genocide.

Globohomo is using the coronavirus hoax to ram through their Rainbow Dildo agenda of fag-worship and tolerance for sexual degradation, even pedophilia. Religious worship of brown and black-skinned immigrants is also being made mandatory in most of the West. Anyone who deviates from their line will be punished by sweeping new laws to purge the internet of any voice not concordant with their genocidal agenda to erase white people from the planet.

For this reason, I will need to get off-the-grid and extricate myself from the ZOG beast system as much as possible if I want to continue my advocacy for the white race.

I’m of no use to the movement broke or in prison, so it will come down to the generosity of loyal supporters to keep me afloat. Of course, you are not paying for nothing. I’m one of the most active and prolific pro-white propagandists on the internet and my audience is growing rapidly thanks to my Omegle content. The bigger I become, the bigger the target on my forehead will be.

Help me avoid that by making me independent from the ZOG economy. I can’t rely on a day job while doing this work. It can be taken away in an instant. If I can get enough of my subscribers to donate a small amount each month, I could easily do this work full-time and reach many more people. I could even start doing IRL activism and trolling content, but that would require some money behind me.

I plan on making and selling some merchandise to subsidize what I’m doing, but I doubt earnings from that will be enough. I will try to establish some passive income streams that I can use to supplement monthly donations from you, the supporters. All of this together will, hopefully, allow me the independence to be able to be a full time advocate for our race.

Thank you all!

Below are the ways you can contribute (best would be a smallish monthly donation instead of an infrequent big donation). If I can get between 200-500 people to consistently donate $5 a month I’d be in good shape.

Bitcoin: 35a8S9KCApFvaCw2wzq1NmrA93bwQVwoGT

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Bitcoin Cash: qp2wfd7ratungjupujsmhmqthdynvmh85cmyu87hft

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Ethereum: 0x9a1f1e3985bd94c128e065584f66c9f26593f958

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Monero: 42dbVDYvhiK9DVSDK6MENPb4rdaFKsxD9ccjhoUNamiD9t2PoHqqF5Ea5Djg3pAnwo98mk7wLGDZTYWNxs7tfP9jKzAXUQP

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If you don’t know how to use Bitcoin consult this guide.

If you’d like to donate via PayPal please contact me here.

Five bucks a month to keep the jew under the crunch.

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