Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 26 – The endgame in Syria

Now that the Chabad-Lubavitch “End Times” cult has its chosen leaders in position in both the US…
…and Russia…
…the conflict in Syria is being pushed towards its climax by the renewed offensive in Aleppo.

And there are two ways the climax can go…

1) A direct US/Turkey versus Russia/Syria conflict can be sparked. This would lead to the “war path” to the NWO.

2) “Masterful geopolitical moves” by Vladimir Putin can forestall full-on war until Trump can take office and defuse it from the American side. This would lead to the “peace path” to the NWO.

If the globalists are aiming for the war path, THE WAR MUST BE TRIGGERED BEFORE TRUMP TAKES OFFICE, which is why you are seeing this…
…From a Google News search of russia syria aleppo before trump

Why must it be so, you ask? Because Trump’s scripted role in this drama is to…

Much more to come over the course of the day.

With love…

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