Govt. spox reacts to Israeli regime’s rep. participation in Manama meeting

MNA – Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei played down the effectiveness of a so-called security conference which is being participated by the Israeli regime that has sowed more insecurity in the region than any other player.

“The occupying regime of Israel in an intruding and uninvited element in the region and its perspectives have no importance for us and for the security of Persian Gulf,” Rabiei said on Monday in his weekly press conference.

How some countries expect to provide the region with security through involving a regime which is the main source of insecurity, he framed, adding, “This shows the inexperience of officials of these countries in recognizing the correct path of establishing security and peace in the Persian Gulf.”

The remarks came as Bahrain is hosting a so-called security conference in Manama. It is a follow-up to the US-led anti-Iran conference held in the Polish capital of Warsaw in February.

“Israel is so alien to the region that it has no choice but to dispatch its representatives to the event in secret,” Rabiei said.

The regime in Tel Aviv announced that ‘A senior Foreign Ministry official working on regional security and counter-terrorism’ will represent Israel in the event but didn’t provide the name of this representative ‘for security reasons’.

Rabiei went on to say “We have repeatedly announced our stance: providing the Persian Gulf with security is impossible without the involvement of all regional countries.”

Tehran has received some positive signals from some countries on their inclination towards cooperating with Iran, he said, adding that this benefit will the whole region.

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