Great Dane Puppy Has the Best Reaction When Told to Get Out of Bed

Getting up at 3:30 am? It’s a big no, no for me. Well, for most people as well. But some people have to wake up at that time, like this family from Birmingham MI that owns a bagel factory.

Although they are used to starting the day that early, their dog Thor, who obviously isn’t an early riser, wants to sleep longer. When his dad wakes him up, he says no in the most adorable way possible. It’s not a surprise more than 21.5 million people have seen his grumpy, yet cute reaction.

Many people relate to his unwillingness to leave the comfy bed. One person wrote, “That kinda looks like me when i had to get up for school.” Another said, “To be fair, I’d make the same noises if you tried to get me up and out at three thirty in the morning.”

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