Great White NEET Named as Jayme Closs Kidnapper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

We have an old-fashioned mystery on our hands here, kids.


The man arrested in the Jayme Closs case was identified Friday as Jake Thomas Patterson by authorities and neighbors who lived in the same Eau Claire Acres enclave in the Douglas County Town of Gordon.

Jayme was found by a neighbor walking her dog late Thursday afternoon. Patterson, 21, of Gordon, was arrested a short time later after law enforcement swarmed the neighborhood of about 20 small homes.

Gordon is about 40 miles south of Lake Superior and about 65 miles north of Barron, Closs’ hometown and where her parents were killed in October.

Patterson was arrested without incident by a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy who spotted a car described by Jayme a short time after she was rescued, Douglas County Sheriff Thomas Dalbec said at a Friday morning news conference.

“He was just down the road from the residence” when he was arrested, Dalbec said.

Jayme vanished early Oct. 15 when Barron County sheriff’s deputies, responding to a 911 call, found the door to her family’s home near Barron kicked in. Her parents, James, 56, and Denise, 46, were shot to death.

Patterson is in custody in Barron County, authorities said. He is being held pending charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping. Charges are expected to be filed Monday, said Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright.

“Jake Patterson had zero criminal history locally and zero criminal history in the state of Wisconsin,” Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said at the news conference. 

Authorities said no other suspects were being sought.

Neighbor Daphne Ronning said Patterson’s parents moved to the home about 15 years ago and that Jake and his brother were raised there and attended high school at Northwood School in Minong.

Northwood School superintendent Jean Serum recalled Patterson as a “quiet kid.”

“He was a good student” who graduated in May 2015, she said.

“He was a member of our quiz bowl team,” which Serum described as a “battle of the brainiacs” competition between schools. She said he did not participate in sports or other activities.

The parents moved to another home once the boys became older, but Patterson and his brother continued to use the Town of Gordon home.

“We had some problems with them when they were teenagers – we caught them siphoning gas,” Ronning said. “My husband talked with them and there was never anything else.”

Ronning said she wasn’t aware that Patterson was living in the house and had not seen Jayme.

When this story broke a couple days ago, people on the right-wing internet were saying “nonwhite,” and I was hesitant. It was a relatively sophisticated operation to break into a girl’s home and murder both of her parents and then take her to a home in the woods 65 miles away, not get caught for months – and only get caught because the girl “escaped.”

If it had been only a couple of these things, I would have assumed “vibrant person of color” – for instance, if they had just found the body in some shallow grave somewhere – but all of these things together screamed “white man competence level.”

So, what are the various explanations here?

As I see it, there are only two:

  1. A rebellious teenage girl met a guy on the internet, convinced him to do the deed for her, then got bored or lonely living in his house, or
  2. He is a homicidal incel NEET who kidnapped this poor Aryan princess at random after having been inspired by Donald Trump and 4chan

The first one seems much more likely, and the second one – which is the narrative the media will run with – seems virtually impossible.

We are going to be expected to believe that this guy, who lived 65 miles away, had no connection to this girl, and targeted her randomly. And that will ostensibly fit the evidence, because they didn’t find any communication with him on any of her devices, so they probably won’t find any communication with her on any of his devices.

And they will talk about how he drove around the neighborhood, figuring out the plan to do the home invasion and murder. For which there was clearly significant planning, involving intelligence. They are saying he shaved his head to keep from leaving DNA.

(If you are older than 21, ask yourself if you think you could have pulled this off at 21. You probably could not have. Most people could not have. But this guy is some kind of high IQ NEET. Still, the “male predator” explanation makes even less sense considering his age.)

But how would he have even known who she was? She lived 65 miles away.

It makes much, much more sense if this girl met him online and told him horror stories about how her parents were being abusive, how she loved him, how she wanted him to come rescue her… and then he made his plan based around that.

They may come out and say that she had contact with him online, because he will probably say that to the police, but they will make it out as though she was the poor innocent victim, rather than effectively a murderer using emotional and sexual manipulation to contract a hired killer.

Even if they found messages of her suggesting he kill the parents, they will say these messages were the result of his emotional abuse by him, rather than an example of the opposite.

Because of course, the girl always must be the victim, in every single situation such as this. Even though we have feminism and equal rights and so on, women are still always victims of men, and can never be held responsible for their own actions in any situation.

Warning Men of Female Predation

You are the seal, lad.

Men should be warned by our society about women preying on them, getting them to engage in criminal activity, taking all of their money, or otherwise destroying their lives. Instead, we have the opposite situation, where we are told that men somehow victimize women nonstop, which is simply a fantasy.

Even with the whole Jewish metoo thing – these women were not raped, they were appealing to powerful Jews’ sexual desires in order to advance their careers. This is something that we covered extensively while the movement was at its height.

And it went beyond just Harvey Weinstein-style “suck my dick and I’ll give you a job” type situations. For example, Glenn Thrush, the Jewish New York Times White House correspondent, had young female journalists asking him to meet them at bars “to talk to him about trying to help their careers” and then he would get drunk and kiss them.

The true face of a total rapist Jew…?

I don’t think that you can frame what the Jews of metoo did as “good,” but it is also hard to frame it as “wrong.” They were simply taking advantage of situations that were presented to them by women.

Obviously, killing a girl’s parents because she asked you to is another story, but it follows the same pattern of women seeking out men for their own purposes then blaming the man after she’s gotten him to do what she wanted him to do. The man should obviously be charged with crimes here, I’m not trying to say otherwise, but at the same time it should be a teaching moment on the nature of women.

And of course I will grant that the situation of Jayme Closs and Jake Patterson could technically end up being totally different. It could be the statistically impossible event of a 21-year-old incel preying on a random woman who lives 65 miles away. But even if it is that – and we may never know either way – the reality that this is an extremely rare event remains true.

Men need to understand that women always want something from them. They need to understand that no matter how innocent and fragile she looks, beyond her eyes is a predator waiting to strike.

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