Hasbro Pulls Trolls Doll After Backlash Over Orgasmic Noises It Makes When Its Crotch Button Is Pressed

Trolls 2 is a movie about little magical trolls being hunted down by big creatures that want to eat the trolls on a special day called Trollstice, which is rather disturbing for a children’s movie. Hasbro released a doll from the Trolls movie in April, which has recently gotten the attention of the internet. Some concerned mothers found that there was a button between the legs of the doll, which is not advertised on the box, and when it is pressed, the doll makes noises that sounds very sexually suggestive.

Hasbro came out and tried to “debunk” the conspiracy theory that Hasbro is trying to groom children by saying that the button is there so that the doll will make those noises when the child puts it in a seated position. Yeah, sure thing. That’s some great Hasbro hasbara.

By the way, Hasbro was started and is still owned by the Hassenfelds. The current CEO is Brian Goldner. It’s a very jewish company.

It’s also a very powerful company, which has been molding children’s minds for years.

Given the backlash by the internet, and the successful petition that was launched on Change.org, Hasbro has decided to pull the doll from stores.

Although this is a small setback for Hasbro, I am sure they will find plenty of other creative ways to indoctrinate, sexualize, and groom children.

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