Head of U.S. Zionist Organization Insists NZ Mosque Shooter Is ‘Left Wing Terrorist’

Breaking with the official media narrative that New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant is a ‘right-wing White supremacist,’ Morton Klein, head of the Zionist Organization of America, told a congressional committee that Tarrant was a “left-wing” terrorist, basing his assessment on the killer’s discursive 74-page manifesto:

Klein testified on Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism.”

“The New Zealand mosque murderer was actually a left-wing self-described ‘eco-Fascist’ who also published a manifesto praising Communist China as ‘the nation with the closest political and social values to my own,’” he said.

Experts on white nationalism believe that the Christchurch gunman’s overarching motive for carrying out the massacre was the threat he perceived to whites rather than any economic philosophy, and say he likely threw multiple red herrings into his manifesto to sow confusion. The killer, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, also said he was inspired by the black conservative commentator Candace Owens, who testified at Tuesday’s hearing. No mainstream analyst has suggested that Owens inspired the killer.

In the manifesto, Tarrant called President Donald Trump “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

Klein, a Trump supporter and longtime opponent of a Palestinian state, made a point of rejecting claims that Trump’s rhetoric has contributed to a rise in white nationalist violence in the United States.

“The Tree of Life synagogue massacre perpetrator was a neo-Nazi who hated President Trump for not being anti-Semitic, called Jews in the Trump administration a ‘kike infestation’ and also hated anti-Trump Jews,” Klein said.

The alleged Pittsburgh killer depicted Trump as controlled by Jews, but Trump’s critics say the shooter acted on the belief that Jews were organizing a migrant invasion of the United States. That belief was fueled in part by the unsubstantiated theory, advanced by Trump, that the Jewish billionaire George Soros funded the migrant caravan. (Officials associated with Soros denied that he or his charitable organization provided support.)

Tarrant’s so-called “manifesto” has very little to say about Jews while at the same time places most of the blame on the Muslims who are invading White countries.  This is obviously welcome news to powerful ‘conservative’ jewish Zionist organizations such as Klein’s ZOA, which share the same dislike for Muslims, who comprise the majority of those who oppose the Zionist regime in Israel.  Opposition to “islamification” has become a cornerstone of the jewish-controlled “fake Right” such as Breitbart and Rebel Media.

Klein doesn’t want the mosque shooting connected anyway with Trump’s unapologetic and enthusiastic endorsement of Israel’s continued annexation of Palestinian-occupied territories.  If the Zionists can pin the blame for the mosque shooting on “Left Wing” extremists, they will further improve their reputation among the anti-immigration Right which has been all but co-opted by powerful pro-Israel interests.  And this tactic also shifts the narrative to further implicate the Democrats, and the European Left, as the parties of “antisemitism”.

Source Article from https://www.rightoftheright.com/head-of-u-s-zionist-organization-insists-nz-mosque-shooter-is-left-wing-terrorist/

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