Her Owner Broke Her Spirit With A Belt, But Her Soul Is Shatterproof

Although dogs have so much to give to humans they don’t expect a lot in return, just owners who would show them love and a bit of gratitude for their loyalty and friendship. Sadly, many dogs end up in the hands of wrong people and their lives turn into desperate struggle to free themselves and hopefully meet someone else who will give them a forever home.

When a dog named Gia arrived at a small local shelter in Texas, she was terrified of humans. Her owner would tie her and beat her with a belt so severely and so often that she was left traumatized.

Whenever she would hear a human approaching, she would urinate herself hidden in the corner. The sight was beyond sad to witness and the few volunteers that worked at the shelter couldn’t do much for her.

This dog needed help. And she needed professionals who would be ready to offer her the dedication and the kindness she strove for in a very long time.

Luckily, Gia’s story spread around and the volunteers from Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform stepped in. These people worked with the hardest cases and proved over and over again that a dog’s soul can never be broken. All it takes is love and patience.

Gia is still scared of humans and hides under the bed whenever someone gets closer to her.

However, when there are no people around she goes outside and plays with the rest of the dogs. And that’s the first step towards complete recovery.

Luckily, Gia will be placed to a foster family where she will learn how to trust humans again. Hopefully, her foster parents will teach her that not all people are cruel.

Gia’s foster mom came with an update saying:

Gia is here. She’s not moved from the crate that was used to transport her, the poor love is so fearful although she’s not shaking but she is just not prepared to move from this spot just yet.

Her ears pricked up at the sound of my little Boston, Austin, so I’m hoping that he can entice her out.

She’s only been here a few hours, after having her spay surgery, so I’m not expecting great things for a while. But we will be spending a lot of time together, and we will go at her pace and comfort level to interact.

She is safe, and warm, and surrounded by people that only want the best for her. We will love and care for her, for as long as she needs us.

We are sure Gia will have a happy life ahead of her and won’t ever experience any form of abuse. Her spirit was broken at some point, but her soul is shatterproof. Take a look at the whole story in the video below.

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/her-owner-broke-her-spirit-with-a-belt-but-her-soul-is-shatterproof/

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