Here’s a breakdown of the worldwide, Zionist-controlled, Pedogate control mechanism



Chapter 14 — The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

American Empire Exposed




































However a short time later, Giuffre and her legal team were at it again, filing another lawsuit this time against only Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation of character against Virginia for Maxwell publicly calling Giuffre “a liar” after outing Maxwell’s criminal involvement in the Mossad blackmail operation.[lxiii] As Epstein’s longtime girlfriend and closest partner-in-crime, Maxwell recruited Giuffre at age 15 as a Trump Mar-a-Lago $9 an hour towel girl. For the first time, the judge in the case even ruled that Epstein would be required to take the witness stand, testify and answer questions under oath from his victims’ attorneys.[lxiv] Though the Virginia Roberts-Giuffre case against Ghislaine was set to go to trial in May 2017, as so often occurs at the last minute, an undisclosed, out of court settlement was reached, [lxv] confirming more Mossad-Epstein-Maxwell-Deep State hush money effectively silenced the now somewhat wealthy Virginia Giuffre. Of course after all her years of trauma and stress trying to seek justice in a broken, unjust system, no amount of money can compensate for what she has endured. And so on and on this corrosively corrupt legal game goes, the pedo-perps continue dodging every bullet, never paying for their crimes but only for their continued freedom at only a drop-in-the-bucket price to them and their unlimited coffers.























On the positive side, the Palm Beach County courtroom with Judge Hafele presiding will be the trial setting where for the first time in his criminally perverse, wicked life, the now 65-year old, kiddie diddling senior citizen might actually have to answer for his crimes after all.[xciv]Additionally, Judge Hafele is permitting evidence and testimony from not only the three victims from last October’s settlement but also from Virginia Roberts-Giuffre and others that Brad Edwards has also represented in previous lawsuits.[xcv] Additionally, the jury will hear about the infamous 2007 plea bargain deal, the contents of which have never been released. Though Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and even Donald Trump are listed as potential witnesses, Edwards’s lawyer said they likely will not be called in to testify.[xcvi] Strangely, Alexander Acosta’s name has yet to come up as a witness, yet he was responsible for breaking the law that permitted Epstein to go unprosecuted resulting in the subsequent miscarriage of justice. That alone may be both telling and troubling although the unlawful Acosta deal is at the heart of the other current pending case.



















Epstein is the most infamous case in recent years incriminatingly linking the Clintons, Anthony Weiner, his estranged wife Huma[cxix] and our current president. After Epstein was investigated in 2005, indicted in 2006, illegally given the deal of the century in 2007 and convicted in 2008 of pedophilia, the sex ring ringleader was forced to register as a sex offender.[cxx] His compound on his private Caribbean island Little St. James was the getaway destination for countless high profile pedophiles who “partied” having sex with child slaves with hidden blackmail cameras always running in every room. In addition to the Clintons and Weiners, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey are all known to have traveled on Epstein’s private Boeing 727.[cxxi] Other notable Lolita Express-Sex Slave Island partakers include a motley crew of former Israeli Prime Minister (1999-2001) Ehud Barak, physicist Stephen Hawking, rocker Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love and actor Chris Tucker. Just one year after his legal hand slap, in 2010 Epstein and his girl Maxwell were both invited to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.[cxxii] So much for the disinfo propaganda insisting that the Clintons abruptly cut off all contact with the registered sex offender once he was arrested in 2006. Like Prince Andrew, old pedo ties to Jeffrey Epstein die hard.










What we do know from both media and police records, Epstein’s infamous black book contains 14 personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including his ex-wife Ivana and daughter Ivanka as well as his then future wife Malania.[cxxxviii] The list of names in his phone book reads like a who’s who amongst the mega-elite. To name drop a few: Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, war criminal Tony Blair, former Utah governor and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, globalist guru-war criminal Henry Kissinger and major political donor heavyweights David Koch and Pepe Fanjul. Under the bizarre heading “Jeffrey” were more power players: Lolita Express flyers Ehud Barak and Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, former senator turned lobbyist George Mitchell, another VIP lobbyist Thomas Quinn and the late globalist David Rockefeller[cxxxix] as well as another Lolita Express flier Naomi Campbell, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield and Dustin Hoffman.[cxl] Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman as well as Edward and Evelyn de Rothschild were also listed.[cxli] No doubt the Mossad and Greater Israel Project would love to have all these top globalists in their back pocket.
























For many decades in America lack of moral courage and integrity at the corporate mainstream Mockingbird level has always prohibited any real serious investigation when the media is highly complicit in the pedophilia epidemic itself. The power to harass and destroy the reputations and lives of victims, whistleblowers and honest journalists in order to at all cost conceal the truth from public disclosure is both life threatening and foreboding in a nation that once guaranteed in its Constitution the First Amendment rights of a free press. But in this Luciferian Deep State swamp, sadly those days appear long gone. 

I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.[clxvii]

During the ensuing decade since Epstein’s conviction, the seedy truth has slowly trickled out, exposing the dark, twisted, perverse sex slave trafficking operation that Epstein and his bevy of co-conspirators recruited child victims as sex slaves from poor neighborhoods in Florida, New York, South America, Europe and Russia, including three 12-year old girls from France as a birthday gift.[clxviii] Incredibly, his procuring pimp co-conspirators and scores of powerful pedo patrons were all granted immunity.[clxix] For well over a decade Epstein and his hired handlers freely trafficked victims to his sex slave island and his other residential palaces to serve the elite’s pedophile crowd listed in the billionaire’s infamous black book.[clxx]Contained therein are names of scores of the most powerful politicians from presidents to prime ministers, royalty, judges, CEOs, bankers and entertainers, all for blackmailing purposes so that the Luciferian planetary controllers through US Empire and Israel could continue unchallenged their absolute authority and control over the geopolitics chessboard. But their reign of terror and destruction is fast coming to an end now that the truth – piece by piece – has been more fully exposed than at any previous time in human history. The crime cabal is going down! Hollywood as its cultural media epicenter of the predatory Luciferian cesspool is covered in the next chapter.

[ci] “Exhibit C: Epstein vs. Edwards Undisputed Statement of Facts,” JEFFREY EPSTEIN, Plaintiff, vs. SCOTT ROTHSTEIN, individually, and BRADLEYJ EDWARDS, individually,, April 8, 2011,


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