Here’s the WORST RACISTS Talking about White Supremacy?

What fucking white supremacy? Not in America, which is a colony of Apartheid Israel.

These are the same assholes agitating black people, in order to start a race war while the Jews set on the sidelines, greedily rubbing their paws together while waiting for the end so they can swoop in and take complete control of the JEWSA.

This comment left by the video poster says it all:

This man Ignatiev is a Jew. Should you interview a Christian Professor at any University, who held similar views about Jews, he would be hounded out of his job in short order and our television screens swamped with Jews howling about anti-Semitism and yet this cynical piece of crap, proudly tells his interviewer, that he has heard not one word of dissent amongst his peers. His peers would be Jews of course. 

We have to find the courage to stand up to these people. There are Jews all over the Web calling for White Genocide, when in fact all of the complaints he makes against Whites were Jew operations, including the Rape of Africa, India Russia and now the Middle East. The White involvement, were conscripts in Armies which were used to protect Jew interests and nothing more.

Here’s anudda comment which if left at Twaddle would get someone banned. That’s what happens when Jews own over 90% of the MSM, ALL of Hollywood and the three biggest social media platforms. There’s the Supremacism. JEW Supremacism that is turning this nation–and much of the West–into a mixed bag of peoples from all over. People that DON’T want to become American, just enjoy the freebies and easy lifestyle while bitching that white people are racists.

In the past, this colonizing nations was called white supremacy. The real supremacy is when a nation filled with violent, malignant, murderous land thieves, Apartheid Israel is able to corrupt, blackmail and steal the control of the USA.

What else do they want to do? Turn LGBTQ into LGBTQMAP. MAP means Minor Attracted Person. In other words they want to legalize pedophilia and if you protest against that abomination, the (((MSM))) will swoop in and call you a racist and sexist.

Thanks to ANONYMOUS for this tip!

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