Hezbollah Hails the Iraqi Million Man March: An Absolute Rejection of the US Occupation of Iraq

Translated by Staff

Hezbollah issued the following statement:

“The Iraqi people today reiterated their absolute rejection of the American occupation of their country.”

The statement added that the millions of crowds that filled the streets and squares of Baghdad made clear that the free and dignified Iraqi people would never be satisfied with the occupation remaining on their soil.

As Hezbollah hails the blessed and faithful crowds that emphasized unity among the Iraqi people and their one line against the US occupation and domination, it finds that the dear and brave stances witnessed in the Iraqi capital are an honest expression of the Arab and Islamic nation, which is fed up with the US occupation and domination of its resources and wealth. It also hopes that they form a starting point for massive movements and protests across the Arab and Muslim countries, and lead our country to be entirely liberated from the occupation and its tools.

Hezbollah hails the great Iraqi people, with all its factions, parties, and diverse political trends, who will be faithful to this great march, its principles, goals, and slogans.

“The Iraqi people will work hard to practically turn these goals into a starting point for a free, unified, honorable and independent Iraq that is free from foreign occupation forces and their influence,” the statement concluded.

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