Hitler: The Great Awakener


From the very first time I saw a Hitler speech I was drawn in entirely by his presence – a presence recorded over eighty years ago. Hitler mesmerised me – his words, his actions, his fire, his everything. I am not alone in having been so transfixed.

I thought the limited clips they showed at school were ridiculous – the mutterings of the ‘evil man’ that we should all fear, the man who wanted only a blonde haired blue eyed race, when he himself had brown hair and brown eyes. No, actually Hitler had the most beautiful blue eyes, that according to his legend hypnotised people around him. My partner and son agree that Hitler has something that cannot be ignored, something that makes you want to be a part of him, his ideas, his strength, his very way of being. Throughout Hitler’s life he impressed and infatuated people. He motivated them, understood them, forgave them and inspired them. He breathed life into the lifeless.

Hitler knew how mankind had been weakened; how people had crumbled, had sinned and been shamed, had become who they weren’t, and had lived in vain. But Hitler did not write them off. He invigorated them, reminded them of who they were. He gave them something beautiful to build – a kinship, community and country. He showed the people that they were their country, and that their country was them.

I believe if a man is not building something, he is not living. My partner told me this truth; if we were to be a strong couple we must always be building together and always be focused on a goal that we shared. To always be in love we must build our life together.

For many Hitler was love at first sight. He asked them to build with him and build they did. Our so called leaders today only discuss our mess and how to make it less messy, but there is no passion in them. Like when Hitler was struggling for power, the politicians of today are bought by Marxist views and Jewish wallets. In our own circles we have confusion, misguidance and nothing to build. Hitler had a manifesto to grow mankind, but we have no such ideal. We have a past that we must learn from and merge into our own time. Hitler took the old and brought it into the new.

Hitler was named ‘The great Awakener’ by his people and Dr Goebbels had said of his beloved friend;

Like a shining star you appeared before our wondering eyes, you performed miracles to clear our minds, and in a world of scepticism and desperation, gave us faith

Many question how he made a nation fall in love with National Socialism, which is claimed to be a sexist regime that dictated to its men their path. However, women chose to use their ’emancipation’ to rid themselves of it, and with their men they used “democracy” to forego it. Women understood they would no longer be included in the man’s world and their duty was to nurture the smaller world. Both men and women happily voted to vote no more and to give themselves to their Fuhrer.

If any of you today believe that you actually have a vote, you are mistaken. Hitler gave his people no illusion of their involvement; he told the people his plans, and they believed in him. He was true to his words and did not give false hope, lies and manipulations. He did not promise to do things while campaigning and then fail to follow through once elected, unlike these men of today who are punch and jewdy politicians. They do not deserve your emotions and pretend votes in their rigged system.

This talk of how women vote, how men vote, and who should and should not be allowed to participate in ‘democracy’, is ridiculous, as it is all pretend. If a genuine ‘love’ does come along and us National Socialists rise again, the vote will be no more – no more for anyone. Hitler said trust me, and his people did. Do you trust your leaders enough to take away the vote you believe you have? I doubt it. You do not trust your leaders, yet you trust that your leaders will listen to you when you tick a box.

Gregor Strassor stated that;

A glowing faith in victorious strength of this doctrine of liberation, and deliverance is combined with a deep love of the person of our Fuhrer who is the shining hero of the new freedom fighter.

Now today’s literature will happily resign such adoration to propaganda and brainwashing, and say that Hitler feminized his entire nation by rendering them in love with him like a wife besotted with her husband. They also claim all love for Hitler was therefore sexual, because in the jew world love can only involve sex. Being astounded by beauty, being impressed by physique and having admiration for a person’s form, character or essence is all about fucking,and nothing more. A people cannot bask in the adoration of another without having to want to have sexual relations with them. And for argument’s sake, surely if he feminized his entire nation then he could not have been sexist, but we just have to look at his army to know that this is a very silly notion.

Hitler told his people he would build their nation and remove the degradation put upon them. They faced the same situation we do right now. We are being taught our only passion is for degeneracy and destruction, not to design and develop ourselves and our people, not to have them in love, but to have them lose all faith and heart in themselves and their people.

As I am a women I am particularly interested in what German women felt for their Führer and what he gave them to build. How he enthused them! Here is part of his speech in 1934 at the party rally of The National Socialist Women’s Organisation;

The slogan ‘the emancipation of women’ was invented by jewish intellectuals and its content was formed by the same spirit. In the good times of German life the German woman had no need to emancipate herself. She possessed exactly what nature had necessarily given her to administer and preserve; just as the man in his good times had no need to fear that he would be ousted from his position in relation to the woman.

Hitler continued his speech about our natural roles as men and women and said that our men create the larger world as our women imitate their values and care for the smaller world. Hitler discussed how the woman’s role is to sacrifice herself to her family. My partner was raised by his Grandmother and always spoke of her willingness to sacrifice, to always put herself last in line of food and clothing, and would do everything necessary for her children and home without an ounce of complaint; her duty was her soul and she would work her hands to the bone in and outside of the home to ensure the needs of her family were met. Hitler did not expect his women to serve outside of their home, and to drain their being to survive. Hitler gave great incentives to women and men financially and emotionally to be in relationships and be what nature intended for them – for a man to work and a women to nurture their young. Married men would be preferred for promotion over unmarried men, and women were to be given well-trained maternity support to help nurse the children. Hitler saw men and women as equally valued, but not the same. We have different abilities. Hitler gave women back their womanhood, which feminism attempted to steal.

Our National Socialist Women’s movement has in reality but one single point, and that point is the child, that tiny creature which must be born and grow strong and which alone gives meaning to the whole life struggle.

Frau Scholtz-Klink the leader of the National Socialist Women’s orgainzation, told her women;

The guiding principle of German women today is not to campaign against men but campaign alongside men.

I believe a woman should be at her man’s side and that she should carry and honour his word as he should carry and honour hers. I believe a couple in love should be united in thought and future goals. Hitler encouraged this. He united his people and gave them their natural duties to fulfill, and was loved for doing so.

Theodore Abel wrote a research book named Why Hitler Came Into Power. He was granted authority to ask Hitler’s nation the question ‘Why I became a National Socialist’. He gave an incentive of marks to the best essay response. He warned that dramatic over-represented claims were not what he was seeking, but normal and valuable reasoning would win the prize. This research is deemed flawed and inaccurate because of the methodology. Abel asked that people write of their experiences from before 1933, while his book was published in 1938. Here are some accounts from German women, whose reason was simply love, just as it was with the men.

‘Whoever has looked deeply into the Fuhrers eyes will never, not even years later forget such a powerful experience! I, who had never been able to recognise any authority over me at all… I will follow a life of obedience”

The joy inside me was impossible to describe. This simple man with a true, righteous gaze streamed warm sunlight from his face into the 22,000 hearts in the audience… whoever has a pure heart and hears our Fuhrer speak and looks into his eyes has no choice but to convert to him”

From a thousand wounds rose his sweet face, enlivened by a child like smile of holy self confidence. Hitler strengthens the spiritual power of the entire Volk”

Heaven gave us more than we deserved when it sent us the fanatical crusader of honour and freedom, Adolf Hitler”

The man who destiny and god have sent to heal a shattered Germany”

I realized that I had at last found my goal and desire. I felt as if a fire flamed within me and I said to myself you do not learn about national socialism, you have to experience it”

I would not be able to dress it up in words and could only say that National Socialism is anchored in the deepest inner being of every German, and expresses the most primitive sensitivities and emotions”

I would say that it is in every Aryan, and agree I felt it too. For footage from so long ago to still have captured the very essence of a man who brought souls back to life, can you imagine the power to have actually been present at that time? I believe I love my man so much and Hitler so much because they both understood something very simple: that a woman should build her home, a man should build their city, and they should both envision together how that city and home should look and feel. Man and woman should both be guided by the same ideals. A nation, and a couple, can only be in love when building something beautiful and meaningful. European man has to build to be great. This is why many immediately succumbed to his genuineness, like Herman Goring said:

From the first moment I saw him I belonged to him body and soul


The video above tells a small tale again of how Hitler made others feel. The youtuber also has lots of excellent videos worth checking out.

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/hitler-great-awakener/

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  1. wtf is this says:

    this is insane and hitler was a terrible man and he killed familys and toom the lives of black people jesus christ

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    This is an old article before people started waking up to the fact hitler was a zionist tool

    Adolf Hitler the NAZI Jew

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    Hitler wasn’t perfect, but he did alot of good for his people. To my county he was better, stalin have starved his own people. 7 millions ukranians died from starvation.


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