Hollywood Jews: Pure Bloodlust and Hatred for White People

IN THIS video clip, we see Jewish actor Josh Radnor with a Black child actress read out “ways to find a Nazi in everyday life,” and one method was given twice, and emphasized by a pretended “correction” — and that was to simply find White people. In the context of this alleged “drama,” “finding a Nazi” essentially means finding someone to hunt and kill.

This is from Amazon’s television series Hunters, created by David Weil, who is also Jewish. David Ellender, another Jew, heads the production company for the series.

This is pure and blatant incitement to kill White men and women disguised as “entertainment.” Adding a little insincere “correction” or irony to make it plausibly deniable isn’t fooling us, Schlomo.

David Ellender, CEO of Sonar Entertainment, which produced Hunters

* * *

Source: NK and National Vanguard correspondents

Source Article from https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/02/hollywood-jews-pure-bloodlust-and-hatred-for-white-people/

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  1. netanyahu1488 says:

    Hatred and selective breeding for the Jew only!

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