Holocaust Survivor Gets Police Protection After Italians Become Fed Up With Her Tall Tales

Jewish groups are ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ by reports that an Italian Holocaust survivor has been given police protection after being taunted online by Italians who appear to be fed up with her improbable stories of survival in World War II:

Liliana Segre, 89, who called last month for a parliamentary investigation into racism and antisemitism, was assigned a police escort after receiving daily abuse on social media.

Security sources said that she was being accompanied by officers to public events and was not receiving round-the-clock protection.

She was appointed one of Italy’s five senators for life by the country’s president last year.

Paola Gargiulo, who works as Ms Segre’s chief of staff, told Reuters: “It must be said that Liliana receives vastly more messages of support and solidarity than she does hate messages.”

But Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said it was “disgusting and shocking”.

“That efforts to combat hate are met with threats of violence show just how much antisemitism continues to pollute our world today and how important education and awareness is in the fight against hate,” she said.

“A Holocaust survivor, of all people, should not have to face this sort of pernicious racism today.”

Italian far-right and nationalist parties abstained on a vote to establish a formal commission to investigate hate and antisemitism in the country.

Israel’s ambassador in Italy, Dror Eydar, said on Twitter: “An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor under guard symbolises the danger that Jewish communities still face in Europe today.”

Ms Segre was among the 776 Italian children deported to Auschwitz in 1944. Just 25 survived.

She has dedicated her time in recent years to visiting schools to recount the story of the Holocaust.

Stefano Gatti, a researcher at the Centre of Contemporary Jewish Documentation, said antisemitism appeared to be increasing in Italy, although at a lower rate than elsewhere in Europe.

It seems that a lot of Jews these days are starting to need armed police protection whenever they go out in public.  Why just them?

Perhaps it is because these tall tales of the Holocaust are an insult to our collective intelligence, and people have begun to mock this army of octogenarian Holocaust survivors whose job it is to scold us in our own countries, cities, and schools about the dangers of not believing jewish fables.

Of course, they prefer to target young school children because they are far more likely to believe these improbable fairy tales of torture, murder, and survival much more than rational adults ever will.

These macabre Holocaust tales have replaced the old Grimms fairy tales for our Christian children, intending to frighten and shame them for defending themselves, their country, their race, and most importantly their God when under attack by jewish subversion masquerading as the “universal brotherhood of mankind.”

But should Jews really be ‘shocked’ when people realize that the jewish version of WWII history shouldn’t need the threat of prison to be believed?

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