hot podium guy


Over a dozen Tories are clambering to take over the top spot from Theresa May, but the British public appears to be backing an unlikely (and undeclared) candidate for PM: ‘hot podium guy’.

An unsuspecting sound engineer appeared before the press gathered outside No. 10 Downing Street on Friday morning to finalize the setting for May’s resignation announcement.

As journalists shared snaps of the set-up on Twitter, interest grew in who the mystery man at the center of the preparations might be – and if he may in fact prove a strong successor to the outgoing prime minister.

People were quick to tweet their intrigue, with many simply calling for his immediate appointment as prime minister, if only so that it saves everyone the fuss of having to go through an arduous Tory leadership selection process.

Aides earlier took steps to ensure May wasn’t upstaged by the nation’s top feline civil servant, Larry, though Twitter users soon called for his appointment as PM, too.