How to Detect an Agent

The following short sketch and the associated illustration help to enable Whites to detect operatives or agents of the J.O.G (jewish occupation government). Given that the White movement is overrun with such it follows that any whites who wish to avoid being set up and jailed or assassinated, losing their employment and having their reputation damaged through such an association or any other negative consequences would be well advised to exercise caution. The following sketch is divided into four criteria that must be employed to gain a thorough understanding of suspected agents:


-Are they jewish or not? To determine if they are rely upon the books: “Who Is A Jew?: The Jew Identifier Document”, and “How To Recognize and Identify a Jew” by John Doe Goy in order to assess the physiognomy and subtle biological and behavioural factors of whether they are jewish or not.

If they ARE jewish keep away from them: make up excuses to avoid dealing with them or simply terminate contact if you have initiated contact with them. If you continue to deal with them you must be an adept at manipulation: misleading the jew and revealing to him/concealing from him whatever is advantageous to yourself and disadvantageous to him.

If they are NOT jewish, observe their physical appearance; do they appear stereotyped or formulaic, like a caricature of the White movement? Do they appear artificial or phoney in dress, physical appearance or otherwise? Are their facial features ‘hard’ as in the case of a cop or a hardened criminal; do they dress in clothes that are too ‘standardized’ in appearance, as if they were selected to ‘blend in’, lacking any idiosyncratic features that may be present in a legitimate person? If their appearance and/or clothes (eg.tattoos; clothing) are idiosyncratic, do they entail any subtle occult features, eg. numerological; symbolic, etc.? This latter is a tendency of the jews and their freemasonic underlings to mock the ‘profane’ or ‘goyim’ who are uninitiated. Is their name too commonplace or does it connote jewishness or some biblical or occult reference or person [eg. Jacob Goodwin-meaning a ‘good win for jacob (israel), the jew; Hiram Abiff, etc.]. This is an example of the word play the jew employs.


Is there consistency in their behaviour? Are they overly engaging? Do their mannerisms/tone of voice suggest any falsity about them, eg. do they have a ‘duper’s smirk’ on their lips/facial features; do their eyes blink rapidly when confronted with questions or references that might call into question their ‘role’ or appearance?; Is their vocabulary tailored to the individual and comes off as contextually inappropriate or inconsistent with other contexts in which one has had experience of them? Are there any other signs of rigidity or artificiality in their behaviour? Do they, upon investigation, have a lengthy criminal record as this may be a sign they are being funded to play their role by the J.O.G in exchange for a reduced sentence.


What are they advocating specifically within the context of racialism/white racial political praxis? Certain signs they may be an operative are: they advocate a national bolshevik 3rd position; they focus on criticism of women (MGTOW) and liberals/liberalism; they omit criticism of christianity; they advocate christian identity; they focus excessively on islam or non-whites; they focus their criticism on white people with money (the bourgeoisie); they advocate violence/physical/illegal action against government; non-whites/jews/liberals- ‘lone wolves,small cells, leaderless resistance’. See the document “White Terror, Jewish Psyop: The Psychological Operation of ‘White Terrorism’ and the Jewish Cabal” for more relating to this particular psyop; they advocate doing anything illegal or traditionally considered immoral or unethical (vandalism; arson; theft; murder/assassination; robbery; drug and alcohol sales and excessive consumption; illicit sexual practices,etc.)


i) to yourself;
ii) to others

i) excessive, unwarranted friendliness; conscripting you into alcohol-ism (loose lips sink ships) or drugs (both gateways to illegality); probing into your background (where you’ve lived; who you know; where you’ve worked/work; gathering intel on your family/connections,etc.)

ii) absent themselves to talk/text on phone; arrive/leave at inappropriate times/not maintain believable or consistent schedule; always happen to have adequate money to do things/never lacking funds; appear to associate with similar individuals who are phoney in behaviour and appearance and who are similarly inconsistent or ‘off’ in their affect upon oneself (words and/or behaviour don’t correspond to the resonance/vibrational frequency of the person, eg. their thoughts/thought forms); they blend in with the criminal element; they associate with non-whites without any aversive behaviour directed towards them.

If anyone you encounter raises the above questions they should be scrutinized according to the 4 criteria of detection. They may be an operative. Exercise caution in all things at all times, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Scrutinize all people claiming to be WNs.

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