How To Improve Your Life In 3 Simple Steps

The world of personal development is certainly an interesting one. As the shelves in your local bookstore and the search results on Google suggest, it is undoubtedly quite oversaturated with both redundant and often contradictory advice on how to improve your life.

Whether it be coming from well-recognized forces in the industry such as Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols, or from people such as myself who would love to one day become that much of a force, there are plenty of resources available to us. And while I’m sure we can all list off a self-help book or two we’ve read that we believe the world would be better without, the main reason why this content continues to be created at such a rapid pace is that we continue to seek it out.

You’d think that the content’s intention to improve our lives from that point forward would naturally give the industry a relatively short life, but it instead continues to thrive because we collectively seem to have an incredibly difficult time applying it. We get amped up after reading a great chapter or after completing a powerful exercise, but two days later forget what we’ve learned and slip back into the busy nature of our daily lives.

With this piece I’d like to combat that tendency by making personal development as easy as possible. Here’s my take on how to improve your life in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – What Makes You Happy?

Step 1 simply involves taking 10-15 minutes to write out everything (and I mean everything) that makes you happy in life. If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk, write it down. If you enjoy reading in bed, write it down. If you enjoy playing rugby, write it down.

Step 2 – What’s Regularly On Your To Do List?

Whether or not you actively create a to do list, step 2 requires you to set aside another 10-15 minutes to write out everything that you currently do on a regular weekly basis. From going to work to making meals to playing a sport to driving your kids to and from school, write out anything and everything that typically consumes your time.

Step 3 – Adjust Accordingly

You may have guessed where this was going, but yes, the mind-blowing, life-altering advice is to simultaneously look at both of those lists and adjust accordingly.

The human experience may be incredibly complicated, and I’m sure that we all have deep seeded issues that we would likely benefit from an in-depth analysis on, but we’re also not as complicated as we think.

And no, I am not suggesting that we all immediately ditch everything on list number 2 to instead strictly dedicate our lives to the items on list number 1. What I am suggesting is that one of the simplest ways to profoundly improve our lives is by making more regular time for the things that we enjoy.

I know that we all lead busy lives and that we have our fair share of responsibilities, but if you found the time to read this article I’m willing to bet that you have at least a little wiggle room. It ultimately boils down to prioritization, and what could be better than to prioritize the things that you genuinely love at least a bit more?

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