“Hunchback Hound” Born Different and Afraid Finds Love in the World

People tend to be judgmental towards those that are somehow “different” than what the “norms” imposed by the societies consider normal. So if we stare at other humans who we believe are not like us, than it doesn’t come as a surprise that we ignore animals who have certain conditions too.

A German Shepherd was born a bit different than the rest of his siblings. He has a syndrome that led to his spine to be shorter. This condition is so rare at dogs that it is believed this canine is one of the 15 dogs in the world who have it.

However, this doesn’t stop Quasimodo, that’s how they named him, to enjoy his life to the fullest. Although that wasn’t always the case as he was very afraid and uncertain in the past.

Quasimodo was rescued from the streets of Kentucky by a woman named Rachel who says how “he’s a true German Shepherd, just shortened.” It’s true that sometimes he does things differently, but he’s still the sweetest dog out there.

His syndrome made him sort of a celebrity after his story and the photos of him spread online.

Today, he’s living at his home in Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota which was founded by Rachel’s family. His days are filled with a bunch of fun activities and what’s most important of all is that he feels loved.

Take a look at the whole story about this “hunchback hound” in the video below.

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/hunchback-hound-born-different-and-afraid-finds-love-in-the-world/

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