If Your Country Were Committing War Crimes Would You Want To Know?

If Your Country Were Committing War Crimes Would You Want To Know?

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That is a question one might pose to people who are celebrating the arrest of Julian Assange.

The arrest of WikiLeakers founder Julian Assange on April 11 has been met with celebration by politicians and media figures and with howls of laughter from late-night comics. 

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s response:

Here is The Daily Show‘s host Trevor Noah’s take:

A close reading of both the indictment and the criminal complaint against Assange show that journalism is indeed being criminalized. Assange is accused merely of trying to help Chelsea Manning, his source, to hide her identity, not hack into a computer Manning already had legal access to, as the indictment and complaint make plain. It was the administration Clinton belonged to that decided, with the exact same evidence, not to indict Assange because it crossed the red line into making journalism a crime. 

Legions of liberals and conservatives alike are acting on received information that Assange is their enemy.  Lost in the media maelstrom is what WikiLeaks is all about.  Namely, the work it has done  over the past 13 years.  It’s no accident that that isn’t being mentioned.  

A question one can put to the vast majority who are smiling about Assange being behind bars is this: “If your country were committing war crimes would you want to know?”  If they answer, “Yes,” then tell them that that is what Julian Assange has done. And that’s why his asylum rights were violated and he was thrown in jail.  

And then tell them to read Consortium News for the most comprehensive, factual coverage of the Assange case.  If you would like it to continue, please support Consortium News during our annual Spring Fundraising Drive.  

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Thank you!    And then show them this video:

Source Article from https://popularresistance.org/if-your-country-were-committing-war-crimes-would-you-want-to-know/

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