India Bar Association Files Criminal Case Accusing Bill Gates of “Mass Murder” With COVID Vaccines

Citing a legal doctrine which holds that, by definition,  “conspiracies are hatched on secrecy” and “therefore…The offence can be proved from circumstantial evidences,” the Indian Bar Association has brought the world’s first criminal case naming Bill Gates as a co-conspirator in “a well­ orchestrated conspiracy” running “various false narratives” and making “false and misleading claim(s) that vaccines are completely safe.”

[Criminal complaint]

The complaint cites the Indian Supreme court case of Raman Lal Vs State 2001 Cri. L. J. 800, which ruled that:

“an inference of conspiracy has to be drawn on the basis of circumstantial evidence only because it becomes difficult to get direct evidence  on such issue – The offence can only be proved largely from the inference drawn from acts or illegal omission committed by them. in furtherance  of a common design..”

The petitioner in the complaint is the mother of deceased Shri Hitesh Kadve, age 23 years, who:

“lost his life due to act of willful commission and omission attributable to some public servants who are misusing their position to bring policies to help the pharma mafia and thereby [are] responsible [for] mass murders.”

“Mafia” in this context refers to, as Merriam-Webster describes, “a group of people of similar interests or backgrounds prominent in a particular field or enterprise.” US law echoes Indian law in its view toward the requirements for proving a conspiracy. In the 1993 Hofstra Law Review article “RICO’s Conspiracy Agreement Requirement…” the author writes:

“It is important to note that the agreement to join the conspiracy may be proven by circumstantial evidence, just as a RICO conspiracy can.”

According to his mother, Shri Hitesh Kadve was coerced into reluctantly submitting to the Astrazeneca Covishield injection in order to access public transportation to get to his job. The criminal complaint says that in no way was he informed of the dangers and risks of the injection. On the contrary, the narrative put forth by official sources and repeated by the media follow the statements of Dr. D.G. Somani, Drug Controller General of India, a sort of Indian Anthony Fauci. Somani, who is one of the defendants in the case, said the vaccines are “110% safe.”

In an interview on January 4, 2021, Somani said:

“We’ll never approve anything if there is slightest of safety concern. The vaccines are 110 per cent safe”.

However, the complaint notes, by the time Kadve was coerced into taking the injection in order to keep his job, at least 18 countries had banned Covishield for safety reasons, a fact never made known to Kadve. Other rudimentary “informed consent” information not given to Kadve, which is cited in the complaint, were an official WHO warning on the side effects, Indian government determinations on deaths conclusively linked to the shot, and the manufacturer’s own warnings fact sheet.

Like both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID products, Astrazeneca Covishield is still in phase III clinical trials for safety, and will be until February 14, 2023, the “study completion date.” This is defined as:

“The date on which the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention/treatment to collect final data for the primary outcome measures, secondary outcome measures, and adverse events.[emphasis added]

As “adverse events” data, i.e. safety issues, is not complete until February 2023, no one can possibly make any scientifically conclusive determination yet that the drug is “safe.”

The complaint namesBill Gates as a co-conspirator with Indian magnate Adar Poonawalla, owner and CEO of the Serum Institute, a private biotech which manufactures Covishield under license with Astrazeneca. Foundations controlled by Gates have given $750 million to the private Serum Institute, in order to vastly increase the number of doses available in a country with about the same population as China. The rushed roll-out furthers Gates’ long-held goal, now implemented in India, of a digital ID, which can then be tied to all other services necessary to conduct a “normal” life, including banking and travel.

In his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab wrote:

Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor, transmitter or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain—how it is performing, how it is being used, and so on….In the near future, similar monitoring systems will also be applied to the movement and tracking of people.” [emphasis added]

WEF is a billionaires’ think-tank which is fond of discussing future scenarios for the human race. (See: Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Platform Accuses “Great Reset” Mastermind Klaus Schwab of “Racketeering” with Pandemic)

Gates: Identification “certificates” (View at Bitchute)

Bill Gates arriving at the 2019 meeting of Schwab’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

The complaint asserts that the facts mean that the accused:

“therefore…are in the category of ‘Mass Murderers’. The minimum punishment for such offences is death penalty.”


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Injection Victims Marches Breaking Out

The Indian legal action takes place as marches and demonstrations take place in honor of the ‘vaccine dead,’ people killed by the only short-term tested COVID biological agents. The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to general use is 10 years, including typically  three to six years of animal trials before human testing.

Below: Italy, November 30, March of the Vaccine Dead

Below: Families of South Korea’s COVID Vaccine Victims Mourn Loved Ones During Mass Memorial Service

[See: Victims of the Experimental mRNA COVID Injections: The Names and Faces]

This October, to an absolute major media blackout, the prestigious Peer-reviewed science journal Toxicology Reports published a study concluding that the true number of US dead as a result of the COVID injections may in the “hundreds of thousands.” In the paper “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” the scientists write:

“COVID-19 inoculation deaths in the short-term could be in the hundreds of thousands for the USA for the period mid-December 2020 to the end of May 2021…potentially swamping…COVID-19 deaths.

Spelling out what “informed consent” consist of, the Indian Bar Association cited case law which describes:

The doctor explains the options to the patient, setting out the potential benefits, risks, burdens and side effects of each option, including the option to have no treatment. The doctor may recommend a particular option which they believe to be best for the patient, but they must not put pressure on the patient to accept their advice. The patient weighs up the potential benefits, risks and burdens of the various options as well as any non-clinical issues that are relevant to them.

The source said this is the proper procedure “even if the risk is very small.” The definition of informed consent is similar in all Western countries.

However, in many COVID injection locations, in the US as well as in India, the decision to put novel, experimental substances into the body looked nothing like informed consent, especially for a novel technology, mRNA, the inventor of which is staunchly against all COVID vaccine mandates and passports.

In fact many vaccinations in the US had people lined up like cattle and had no more interaction than shown in the video below. This would seem to constitute medical malpractice on the part of providers administering novel shots in this manner. There is no possibility that a person has had a shot many times before, like a flu shot, and can answer “yes I understand the risks” all in one stroke.

The Nuremberg Code

The principles on which the Indian Bar Association (IBA) criminal complaint turns were first embodied in the Nuremberg Code, which states that no medical experimentation can take place without fully informed consent, and that such consent cannot be obtained through coercion. Workplace coercion is recognized in law as a form of coercion, and is defined by human resources expert Shonna Waters, PhD, as tasks which are not part of the “job description.”

Other arguments made in the IBA complaint, Kiran Yadav vs. State of Maharashtra et al, are:

On the Ivermectin debate, the complaint references “Evidence to Recommend Ivermectin” by Doctors for Life – Brazil. (See: As Cases Rise, Inventor of mRNA Vax Says Fauci Killed 500,000 People by Blocking Ivermectin/HCQ)

In an interview last week, indian Bar Association attorney Dipali Ojha said that her organization is being contacted by attorneys from around the world, and that the case is being closely watched by medical providers and others who have misrepresented the safety of the injections.

Although the vaccine makers may have established legal immunity from lawsuits due to unprecedented favorable treatment by governments, those dispensing the drugs, or mandating them, have not.

Ojha says the case may serve as a model for a flood of lawsuits and criminal charges.

Interview of IBA head on criminal case

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