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Intelligence of the Masses – Only Stupid People Deny Conspiracies

In this short writing I would like to address an important subject, which has become central in the media’s fight against us.

Who has not encountered the phrase ‘those are conspiracy theories’? As if any doubt of the establishment were by default absurd? The purpose of this essay is to destroy once for all that mental construction and make way for the truth.

I saw some time ago an article here in The Tribune reporting You Tube’s plans to assault all videos with revisionist content and cover them with links to contrary opinions by Wikipedia.

The ironic thing is that Wikipedia actually works under the same principles that ‘conspiracy theories‘ do, namely the recognition of the intelligence of the masses or swarms.

Instead of a single expert writing an article, many independent users of all backgrounds are free to contribute as much as they want to the article. Somehow this method works better than a centralized process.

There are discussion blogs and some kind of Natural Selection in order to decide what comes out in the final result, but no one can deny the efficacy of this method. Even the fact that the contributions are voluntary (not paid) makes it more similar to what Nature does.

I, as an individual, am not able to know everything, but when many people try to solve a problem, the errors cancel each other out and they reach most often the best solution, better than individual geniuses who work alone.

As an example, people from EBay wanted to know if their store in China would comply with their expected inauguration. Most experts were pretty sure about it, but as an experiment they asked through email all their workers around the world for a honest prognosis.

Somehow the average workers, without insight knowledge, came to the idea that the inauguration would be delayed, and indeed that happened to the astonishment of all.

Something similar happens among swarms of ants or termites. Ant colonies seem rather chaotic at first sight. The individual ants are not very intelligent, but using very simple principles they can reach better solutions than the best human mind alone could ever reach.

So successful are ants that corporations are copying their methods in order to solve their most difficult logistical problems. And here we are not talking about a few small companies with hippie tendencies, but rather the biggest ones like Boeing.

Thus, if there are many people out there speaking about conspiracies we’ve gotta pay attention to that. Individual theories may be faulty, and in many aspects absurd, but when we consider what they all have in common, we reach a hidden reality that had escaped even very intelligent persons who relied only on their own research.

It is important to mention that there is a big difference between what ‘conspiracy theorists’ or we here in The Tribune do, and what Ebay or Wikipedia do.

The goal of Wikipedia is not to find out the truth, but rather find out what is the official consensus about a subject. That’s why Wikipedia rejects all conspiracy explanations of history and politics. That’s also its greatest weakness.

Wikipedia was invented by Jews because they knew it would pose no danger to their world-view. They intended Wikipedia as a way of making consensus available to everyone and making opinions more homogeneous. Had they wanted to uncover the deepest truth about something they would have created something else.

That’s where our strength lies. We are determined to find out the truth, despite blackmail, and when we consider the contributions of everyone, the errors cancel each other out and we are left nevertheless with a Jewish conspiracy.

This is actually the contrary to Jewish intellectual snobbism. According to modern Jewish dogma, the masses are sinful and only a moral or intellectual authority can show them the virtuous path away from their real desires. This is like the modern contradiction of democrats ruling in the name of the masses, while denigrating every movement based on them with terms like ‘populism‘.

In any case, modern democracy is the contrary of the intelligence of the masses because the masses are free to choose only between one of two Judaized candidates, and that’s all. The masses play no role in defining politics, nor in finding out the truth, nor in deciding what they want, nor in anything else.

The swindle is so well planned that some intellectuals have shown the results of the elections resemble ever more what you would expect by mere chance, just by playing a roulette with the candidates(!). By no means the will of the people.

That’s only possible because the masses have been dissolved into conglomerations of loners from different races and they live connected to a virtual reality, which handicaps their ability to decide properly and in unison.

Under such circumstances no wonder that someone may lose faith in the masses. It would be analogous to taking a termite’s colony and introducing insects of other species, spreading the colony with drugs which numb their consciousness and at the same time installing a computer that directs all their actions, while forcing them to agree to those decisions.

Even the most talented termites (who otherwise solve the logistic problems of the biggest corporations) would fail under such anti-natural circumstances!

No wonder why they hate Hitler so much; he was the first politician who restored to the masses their faith in themselves and assembled them into their natural unit, i.e. race.


The masses are the essence of life because the way individual animals conglomerate into a swarm is analogous to the way individual atoms organized into living beings for the first time. The masses are hated by the Jew precisely because they are the essence of life. He distrusts the desires of the majority and has to constantly manipulate us and poison our culture.

Already in the bible we find this hatred against civilization as an expression of the masses. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah, about the tower of Babel, etc., they all have in common the hatred towards people who create a civilization on their own, free of Jewish universalism.

The Jew tolerates civilization only when it is put in the service of nihilistic universalism. In this respect the Jew is exploiting the talents of the masses for his own purposes, just like Ebay did when using the prognosis of people around the world.

The natural thing is when the masses work together for the benefit of their own race and not for the profit of international corporations that intend to replace all life with machines.

When intelligent masses work for international, universal goals, they are following UNsustainable ways of life, which lead very soon to their self-destruction.

As an example, scientists have calculated that if our energy consumption keeps increasing exponentially with the same rate as today, the planet should glow as strong as the sun in 800 years. Of course that is impossible; we don’t have as much energy. It only shows how wasteful our life styles already are. Life on this planet would collapse long before that.

Also, a dirty secret of Facebook and Google is that they like using ‘fossil’ energy for their databases because that is cheaper (Nature and your grandchildren pay Facebook’s and Google’s bill). The research center of Google alone uses as much energy as a whole big city with 200,000 inhabitants(!).

The next time you search for ‘European art’ in Google and you find only black people, remember that the air pollution produced by Google is as black as their search results.

It has to do with the Laws of Thermodynamics: connectedness (through internet, phones, trains, air-flights, etc.) between ALL persons around the globe costs so much energy that we destroy the planet. Sovereign races connected with one-another is sustainable, but billions of individuals doing the same (racial mixture), is neither sustainable, nor desirable.

Each race could develop their own networks, using sustainable, local sources of energy.


Intelligent masses occur in natural ways only among people of the same race, who work together for the improvement of their own society. That’s the sustainable manner, and even third world countries could solve their problems and create progress in their countries if they become free of Jewish financial enslavement and start acting like an intelligent swarm united by race.

This situation would finally bring peace to this planet. Our Jewish money is the hormone of war. It forces incessant expansion and that means war, enslavement and racial mixing. Without usurious money, any war of conquering alien people becomes unprofitable.

Small wars or conflicts with normal weapons (not of mass destruction) are to be expected in Nature, but anything beyond that is the result of Jewish money.


Resuming the subject about Wikipedia, we should also consider mental terrorism as an important factor limiting the intelligence of the masses.

Think of an ants-swarm: they have perhaps the goal of finding food but if close to the source there is a dangerous predator, they will avoid that place, in spite of their goal.

Similarly, no matter how efficient a site like Wikipedia is in finding out the truth, it will stop short of the real stuff as long as there is a brutal Jewish lobby, blackmailing every attempt to finding out the truth.

In that loop left by shy Wikipedia comes another species of swarm, which has less fear and that is what we call ‘conspiracy theorists’ today. There is no filter, nor an official authority which sorts out what is the best version of all those theories, but it is nevertheless an intelligent swarm coming into life.

We must also consider the fact that the Jews promote noise and disinformation in an active and conscious way, something which doesn’t occur in Nature but nevertheless, the principle remains the same.

We can say that most conspiracy theories have the following in common:

  • There is indeed a group of psychopathic people with have enormous influence in all parts of our society.
  • They have been active since immemorial times.
  • Modern Jews are their faithful heirs.
  • They take an active role in spreading disinformation about themselves and fostering controlled opposition.
  • They have plans to transform human societies into human farms.

Many people consider it impossible that a small group of people can control everything but science ratifies once again the intuition of the masses.

A scientific experiment was done with two types of participants:

  1. A majority in which participants had contact with only another participant.
  2. A single participant who had many connections to many participants.

The badly-connected majority got rewarded if they all choose the same color (they all knew which one), whereas the well-connected person got rewarded if everyone choose his color (a different one). The result? The single participant with good connections was able to impose his will to the majority despite that it went against their wishes.

This shows us that a small group of well-connected people can impose their will to the masses, as long as the masses are isolated. That’s why the Jew hates small, racially homogeneous societies, because only in racially homogeneous societies people are well connected.

We need no crazy paranoia or a conspiracy in every level; it is just science. A small group of psychopaths use dishonest tricks to enslave the masses.

Jewish rule is thus as sober and scientific as statistics and the science behind communication networks.

Selected Sources:

The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller

Democracy by Alain de Benoist

Die Menschheit schafft sich ab by Harald Lesch

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