Interview 1569 – James Corbett on The Ochelli Effect

This was a great interview for persons who know the basics. But for those that don’t, they will question, “so what is wrong with a vaccine?”, “How does Eugenics relate to vaccines and having a Covid pass, so what?” etc. My advice for JC and his co announcers is to get back to basics and take even 1 minute to explain who are “they” in control, why, and how.

On Masks JC is correct that masks are a test of compliance, however, just or more importantly I think that masks are to keep fear in mind, and that leads to manufactured consent.

As to the question “how will it go?” I suspect it will be a bait-and-switch: the first vaccine won’t hurt nor will it be very effective. The population will need vax 2.0, and more will trust the vaccinations and many who were hesitant will then get on board.

On the Beiruit bomb I could swear that a news clip I saw on the day of the explosion from a position above ground zero from a neighboring high-rise showed multiple flash points looking like bombs going off that you couldn’t see from ground level. I havn’t seen that clip again on the news. For ammonium nitrate stored on separate containers I would expect a more sequential salvo of bombs and not one big mother of explosions. An expected blast zone should be easy for a bomb expert to calculate from the amount of ammonium nitrate said to be there (that’s what general Partin did for OKC:

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