Interview 1570 – James Corbett on Derailing the Gates Agenda

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Please INTERVIEW Andrew Kaufman/Thomas Cowan!

Terrain Theory must be covered by yourself sooner rather than later because it is completely swept under the rug by the M.S.M. and germ/rockefeller “scientists”…

See this video with Cowan and Solari Report

I am copying the following info from a comment to the above video


“Allopathic doctors began amassing power as early as 1759. At that time, legislation was drafted to protect an ‘unsuspecting public’ against quacks or ‘snake oil salesmen.”

– Death by Modern Medicine, Dr. Carolyn Dean The medical system in which modern MDs are trained (with Rockefeller, Carnegie. etc. blood money) makes fundamental assumptions about disease and health based on the profitable THEORIES ingrained into their minds as fact. This training doesn’t equip modern physicians with the knowledge in human biology in relation to nutrition necessary to provide ‘healthcare’ for their patients, nor does it protect them from the harm caused by the medical treatments (legalized poisons that use synthetically rendered agents which mimick those found in nature).

However, this training does emphatically provide them with the prestige and privilege to deal/prescribe drugs who’s manufacturers provide kickbacks which pad their salaries. Sadly, modern physicians have become glorified pushers that deal out toxic, enzyme-blocking drugs which momentarily stop symptoms (but not cure the condition) in the name of ‘healthcare’, contradicting the very hippocratic oath they swear upon.

“Virus Mania is a social disease of our highly developed society. To cure it will require CONQUERING FEAR, fear being the most deadly contagious virus, most efficiently transmitted by the media.” – Etienne de Harven, MD Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the University of Toronto

So, here’s what we know so far: There’s no way to isolate CV-19 via the PCR test. – All the PCR test does is show CV dna markers which are incredibly common. – Viruses cannot be “caught”. Rather, they are expressed by our bodies. – These poor viruses we’re waging war against are more like firefighters trying to put out biological fires.

The death care industry kills nearly 1 million Americans per year between drugs, medical “errors” and unnecessary surgery and procedures, all while profiting big time. – We ALL contain viruses in our bodies as an expression of toxic cells – trillions in fact The very same medical, political and corporate mafia that creates immuno compromised people (radiation, drugs, gmos, fluoride, chemtrails, etc.) wants you to take more drugs and be scared of the unseen boogey man. That stress alone is deadly. Your body is incredible at keeping you healthy. You just need to treat it, feed it and keep it right.

REFERENCES: Virus Mania Foreword by Dr. Etienne de Harven (2008)

Biochemistry Debunks Corona Video

150 U.S. Public Health Service Experiments from 1919 prove that disease is not transmittable.

Article – “You cannot Catch Bugs, Pasteur Debunked”

“Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense” – Torsten Engelbrecht

Book – ‘Good-Bye Germ Theory’ is a book refuting the Germ Theory and talking about Vaccine Scam”

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