Iran’s main automotive company unveils first version of electric car

Press TV – The Iran Khodro Compnay (IKCO), the largest carmaker in Iran, has unveiled a first electric car that could reach mass production in two years time.

A report by the IRNA agency on Tuesday said that the Electric RANA, a sedan which bears the name of one of the recent models of IKCO, is equipped with a special engine that is designed by a subsidiary of the company.

The report said the car would rely on a 30-kilowatt-hour battery pack for a 220-kilometer trip, saying the battery, fitted underneath the body of the car, would add an extra 100 kilograms to the weight of the vehicle.

The engine used in the car, a product of the Irankhodro Powertrain Company (IPCO), would be capable of producing 90 kilowatts of power and 220 newton meters of torque, said the report.

Technicians and engineers in the subsidiary firm carried out the design and calibration for more than 50 percent of the parts in the Electric RANA, it said.

IRNA said the car, unveiled on the sidelines of an event on internal combustion engines in Tehran, is planned to reach mass production in 2022.


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