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Ahmadinejad used inflammatory speech and, of course, Netanyahu never stops doing the same thing.

Trita Parsi, author of “Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran and the United States” Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the largest Iranian-American organization in the US.

Trita Parsi

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1949 CE-1980 CE: SECRET DEALING OF IRAN-ISRAEL — Immediately after Israel was founded, Iran was on the UN committee planning and was against the partitioning into two states saying this would lead to several decades of crisis. But once Israel was a fact, the Iranian government felt that because it was facing a hostile Wahhabi Arab ideology, that Israel was a potential ally for the Iranians. So throughout the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, the Iranians and the Israelis were working very, very closely together, had a very robust alliance. They tried to keep it secret. It wasn’t necessarily very secret, but Iran never recognized Israel de jure. They recognized it de facto. — They had an Israeli mission in Tehran, but they never permitted it to be called an embassy. They had an Israeli envoy to Tehran, but they never called him an ambassador. When the Israeli planes were landing at the Tehran airport, they created — they built a specific tarmac off the airport for Israeli planes to land, so that no one would really see that there are so many El Al planes flying to Tehran. And the reason why the Iranians were doing this is because, on the one hand, they needed Israel as an ally because they were fearful of the Wahhabi Arab world, and, on the other hand, they felt that if they got too close to Israel, they would only fuel Arab anger towards Iran.

1980s CE-1991 CE: TRITA PARSI ON SECRET DEALING OF IRAN-ISRAEL — Israel has for a very long time been a critical factor in America’s formulation of a policy vis-à-vis Iran. But what’s really interesting is that the influence of Israel has gone in completely different directions, if we just go back fifteen years. During the 1980s, in spite of the Iranian Revolution, in spite of Ayatollah Khomeini’s many, many harsh remarks about Israel, far, far worse than what anything Ahmadinejad has said so far, Israel at the time was the country that was lobbying the United States to open up talks with Iran to try to rebuild the US-Iran relations, because of strategic imperatives that Israel had. Israel needed Iran, because it was fearing the Arab world and a potential war with the Arabs.

1991 CE-TODAY CE: SECRET DEALING OF IRAN-ISRAEL — The real shift in Israeli-Iranian relations, began when the Soviet Union collapsed, and the last standing army of the Arabs, that of Saddam Hussein, is defeated in the first Persian Gulf War. This changed the security environment in the Middle East. Before the Soviets and the Arabs were pushing Iran and Israel closer together but that was suddenly evaporated. As Israel and Iran security environment improves, they started to realize they each needed a new enemy to keep the money flowing. After that the Israeli argument was that the United States should not talk to Iran, because there is no such thing as Iranian moderates. The Israelis and the pro-Israel AIPAC-ROTHSCHILDS MOB interest in the United States then lobbied to stop all dialogue and negotiations with Iran. And the Iranians did similar things. In public both have undermined talks of peaceful coexistence. So the real shift in Israeli-Iranian relations came after the Cold War, not with the revolution in 1979 CE in Iran.

1989 CE: SECRET DEALING OF IRAN-ISRAEL — Interestingly, the Iranian prime minister asked Israel to assassinate Khomeini. — Back in the days of the Shah, Israel was happy with the secret cooperation with Iran and feared the revolution and the new regime would be hostile to Israel, and therefore they would lose the type of secret relations with Iran they had during the time of the Shah. It later on turned out that they actually did have that ability, but perhaps not to the same extent. — In late 1980s CE the Iranian prime minister was eager to get rid of Khomeini in order to move the revolution in a new direction. And he asked the Israelis if they could do it, because Khomeini at the time was in Paris; the Iranians did not have the ability to do that, but they thought that perhaps the Israelis would. The Israeli answer was no, saying Israel is not the policemen of the world.

2003 CE: SECRET DEALING OF IRAN-ISRAEL — There was a proposal by the Iranians to the United States trying to find a larger accommodation between the United States and Iran, including an offer to disarm Hezbollah and turn it into a mere political organization which could have prevented the Israel and Lebanon War. Uran also offered to end all support for Hamas and encourage the Palestinians to negotiate a political solution with Israel. The Iranians tried to gain European support for this in places they knew Israelis were going to be. This concept of a grand bargain, they wanted to make sure the Israelis were fully informed so they would support it. So they were basically sending a signal: Look, if we can have this accommodation with the United States, we will disentangle and basically not be so involved in the Israeli-Palestinian issue anymore. We know it was rejected by the Rothschilds MOB run US who wanted TENSION and FEAR to help in their LOOTING of AMERICANS. — That offer or grand bargain in 2003 CE to settle all the issues was rejected by the White House under Rothschilds MOB orders – It was just brushed aside. The goal was and always is military force, and no diplomacy. So they want the LOOTING OF WARS. JOHN KERRY WAS BUTCHERED BY THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB MEDIA AND AIPAC FOR STATING THE FACTS!

1980s CE-TODAY CE: IRANIAN SYSTEM DEFINED — The President of Iran has no power and doesn’t even have the power to appoint his own cabinet ministers. It’s a presidency with very limited power. The Supreme Leader in the Iranian system is part of a collective leadership. The foreign policy is made in a council, where the Supreme Leader appoints those members, but there are very different views there. Powerful committee members have a great deal of influence. And the committee is very willing to negotiate. — Iran is a very complicated society with many very different political movements. It is a liquid system that does change. The Iranian system has an electoral system and it is very possible that reformers, liberals, or others could get in into power and change policies.

2000s CE: Newsweek magazine citing two knowledgeable sources saying Vice President Cheney considered an exchange of military strikes between Iran and Israel in order to give the US a pretext to attack Iran. A few months before he quit, the Middle East Adviser to Cheney, David Wurmser, told a small group of people that Cheney had been mulling the idea of pushing for limited Israeli missile strikes against the Iranian nuclear site at Natanz and perhaps other sites, in order to provoke Tehran into lashing out. — Iran’s decisions have been geopolitical and strategic and not based on ideology. On the other hand Bibi Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud Party saying that it’s 1938 CE and Iran is Germany. This is how the Rothschilds Crime MOB operates to create fear and wars. It is, of course, MOB lies and propaganda.

2007 CE: A military report leaked in the LA Times — that showed that about 45% of all the suicide bombers in Iraq were Saudi nationals. A lot of money flowed into Iraq from Saudi Arabia to the Sunni insurgents, because were falsely told they’re fighting a war against Shiites in Iraq.

2017 CE: Trita Parsi: “If Ban (on Iranian citizens) is How Trump Approaches Iran, We Fear Nuclear Deal Won’t Withstand Tensions”. “Unfortunately, the Iranian government has responded in kind, even though they have not gone as far as the Trump administration did in making the ban retroactive. Nevertheless, I think it is a step in the wrong direction. One of the good things that came out of the nuclear deal is that suddenly Americans could travel to Iran, and there could be more connections between peoples. If there were more connections between the people and they got to know each other better…Now that may once again be reversed…the nuclear deal will not be able to withstand all of these tensions. And if the nuclear deal collapses, then we will be once again back in a situation in which the United States and Iran will be gravitating towards a military conflict….“I want to say one thing that I think is very important. There’s been people who have been saying that they’re for immigration, they’re just against illegal immigration. Well, the people that are being targeted right now are legal. They were not illegal. They went through the regular channels. They applied for visas. They gave their fingerprints. They paid all the fees. They went to the interviews. They’ve been living here legally for years. These are not illegal immigrants. So, I’m not surprised that President Obama felt that he had to speak out.” — “This is feeding into a narrative of a clash of civilizations, which is exactly the narrative of ISIS. So it’s not surprising that those people, those jihadists, actually have been welcoming what Trump is doing.”

2018 CE: Trita Parsi: I Was Targeted by Israeli Black Cube in Dirty Ops Effort Attacking Supporters of Iran Deal — Black Cube is the private intelligence—Israeli intelligence firm that the Trump administration reportedly hired to target former U.S. officials who support the Iran agreement. “The Trump administration has been using a foreign intelligence firm, filled with former Mossad agents, to spy and try to entrap American individuals and organizations. And apparently I was a target of this, as well, with one person contacting me, pretending to be a journalist and then trying to goad me into saying things that would be problematic for the Obama administration, in order to put the Iran nuclear deal in a bad light and use this later on to discredit the people who were behind the nuclear deal and the people who were supporting it. I think it shows the desperation that some of these elements have gone to, to try to create this crisis and to try to then drive it towards a military confrontation.” Black Cube also targeted Obama’s top national security aide Ben Rhodes and Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Colin Kahl. A journalist came across the list of targets and Parsi said, “I think it was a day later that I got a call from another journalist, who read to me the transcript of one of my conversations with one of these Black Cube pretending to be a journalist. And that’s how I realized that, I mean, they’re not tapping my phone, but they’re calling me and taping those conversations through their end.” So it was a Trump Administration aide who hired Black Cube.


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