Israel spacecraft crashes during historic moon

Israel spacecraft crashes during historic moon

The space race hoax is back on folks.

Every country trying to fool their citizens in believing they have space traveled.

An attempt by Israeli non-profit SpaceIL to land its spacecraft Beresheet on the Moon has failed after the unmanned lunar lander crashed.

SpaceIL confirmed the Thursday attempt was not successful on the company’s livestream of the event.

“We have a failure of the spacecraft,” said Opher Doron, the general manager of the Israel Aerospace Industries space programme. “We unfortunately have not managed to land successfully.”

If the mission had been successful, SpaceIL would have become the first private entity to land a spacecraft softly on the Moon’s surface, a feat previously only achieved by the United States, China and the former Soviet Union.

The cause of the crash was apparent failure of the main engine.

Beresheet, which means “Genesis” or “in the beginning” in Hebrew, was a joint project funded by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries.

The mission, which began in February when the spacecraft was launched into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, has cost roughly $100m (£76.5m) – a fraction of the cost typical for government-funded spacecrafts sent to the Moon.

Despite failing to complete its landing, Beresheet did manage to orbit the Moon, a feat only achieved by six other nations.

Before crashing to the lunar surface, Beresheet was able to take a picture of itself with the Moon in the background.

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Of the Thursday attempt, Morris Kahn, president of SpaceIL, said: “Well we didn’t make it, but we definitely tried. And I think the achievement of getting to where we got is really tremendous. I think we can be proud.”

Nasa also had words of encouragement for SpaceIL after the mission.


Jim Bridenstine


While @NASA regrets the end of the @TeamSpaceIL mission without a successful lunar landing, we congratulate SpaceIL, Israel Aerospace Industries and the state of Israel on the accomplishment of sending the first privately funded mission into lunar orbit. 

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4 Responses to “Israel spacecraft crashes during historic moon”

  1. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    I think Israel is going to ask the Moon aliens for $ reparations for the 6 million crash victims in space.

  2. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    if Israel ever knew that space aliens are christians and Muslims, they would blow the moon up 🙂

  3. reynolds says:

    Folks it took NASA over 400,000 personnel for their so-called moon landings. Now they say they “forgot” how they did it (there are videos on that subject including this one here). ALL BULLSHIT! Listen to Neil Armstrong and his comments sometime. Just like the “mass shootings” Psst: I heard Hong Kong is going to put a man on the moon also, followed by the Canary Islands!

  4. Nick says:

    Even the Martians don’t won’t them up there

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