It really looks like they killed Robert Trump as another warning to the POTUS!

You know I think Jim Stone might be right. I happened to check Robert Trump’s twitter on Friday when the news said he was in the hospital. I knew he had been in the hospital in June. When I read Robert’s last tweets, he said he had CV19, and that Donald was bringing him some HydroxyChloroQuine. So I assumed he couldn’t get HCQ so that was why he was in “bad shape”, as Trump had said. But we all know many, many people were very ill with CV19, but once they got on HCQ, their symptoms began disappearing within hours. So when I read what Robert wrote about CV19 and HCQ, I relaxed. I read his tweets that Robert posted after Donald visited him. He seemed chipper and very up beat, still talking about Kamala Harris being “heels up” all the time (sexual favors she is always bestowing), he had a refreshing sense of humor.

One of the last things Robert tweeted was that they gave him pain medication, and he said he was flying high like “Rocket Man” the song by Elton John: I even found the song and played it. As a result that song has been going through my head all weekend. So why was he taking pain medication? Maybe to address some of his CV19 symptoms, I concluded. But now I wonder.

Anyway, he definitely didn’t sound like someone at death’s door. I was shocked when I read the news of his death on Sunday, that he had died Saturday, apparently just hours after the last twitter posts. I immediately went to Robert’s twitter account, and as I mentioned before, Twitter had suspended his account.

We all KNOW NYC hospitals have been guilty of MURDERING Patients left and right, without a second thought. One patient texted her husband that they were going around injecting patients with a lethal drug, she could hear everyone’s life monitor flat line. They gave the lethal injection to her too, and she was just able to get this text message out before she died. That’s NYC hospitals! Its way too dangerous to be in hospitals these days.

Anyway, its definitely possible that Jim Stone is right.

Oh, and it was definitely Robert Trump’s twitter account. At one point Robert posted an 800 number to call and leave questions that he will answer on twitter. So I called and asked him to have Donald confirm this twitter account is really his brother’s by typing a Capital Letter “R” in a Trump Tweet…..something out of place, so it would be noticed. Within a day or two Trump tweeted something about Florida, but Donald tweeted “fRorida”. Donald later deleted that tweet and corrected the capital R to a small “L”. The “R” and “L” aren’t even close on a keyboard or a smart phone. So it was deliberate. That was our confirmation from Donald that this was DEFINITELY Robert Trump’s twitter account spilling the beans on all these satanic psychopaths in D.C.

Keep praying for Donald Trump, there have been so many assassination attempts/dry runs/rehearsals lately, 2 of which resulted in soldiers being injured, and one dying. I’ll do a post on that next.

Several Assassination Attempts/Dry Runs/Rehearsals Against President Trump in recent weeks, ….

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