Italian City Launches Cannabis Ice Cream


A small Italian town has decided to pay tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley by selling cannabis-flavored ice cream. The producers claim that the “high” ice cream “tastes good and it does good.”

The exotic yummy will be issued by the ice cream shop in the small town of Alassio in northern Italy. And the producers hope their customers will try ‘Bob Marley’ ice cream before the New Year.

The delicacy, which includes peeled hemp seeds as a base, was created together with Canapa Ligura, a local association that promotes health benefits associated with hemp.

IcyHigh Italian city launches cannabis ice cream in honor of Bob Marley — RT News

It has numerous “beneficial properties due to the high presence of fatty acids, which make it a valuable way to fight and prevent different ailments including arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, respiratory disorders, eczema and acne,” the producers claim.

Hemp, or cannabis grown for industrial purposes, is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax or fuel.

However, not all ice cream cannabis experiments have been successful. In February, a couple in Iceland who made and ate their own homemade cannabis ice cream were taken to hospital after they started experiencing hallucinations.

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