Jadon Hayden, Black Animal Who Attacked Old Whites in Care Home, Said in Video ‘Blacks Are the Chosen Race Supposed to Rule the Earth’

Just listen to this babbling ape.

Here’s another one of his scatterbrained ghetto rants on social media about “beefing with the white man”.

It’s incredibly amusing that this 65-IQ tree ape believes that he and his race are ‘chosen’ to rule the world. This baboon can barely wipe his own ass on the toilet.

The Jewish media has had a keen lack on interest in this story, beyond a few local papers that mentioned the arrest of Hayden.

We have all the ingredients of a racial hate crime – a young black kid beating up on old whites and says blacks are a superior chosen race.

Imagine if a white man had assaulted old black seniors and a video of him saying ‘whites are the chosen race who are supposed to rule the earth’ existed?

We know this fat bantoid buffoon would be all over our TV screens preaching nonsense about the extremely violent black race being the eternal victims of relatively passive whites.

Imagine the headlines in the Jewish media, imagine the non-stop wall-to-wall coverage like we’ve seen with the Ahmaud Arbery race hoax.

Since the Arbery race hoax in which two white men killed a black thief in self-defense, numerous blacks have murdered whites in unprovoked attacks and not a single national media channel has touched the stories. They won’t touch this story either because the exclusive agenda of the media is to besmirch white people and infantalize black people with fake victimhood stories.

The mainstream media is waging a relentless race war against white people.

Afro-American savage Jadon Hayden and the lack of coverage of this story is absolute proof of it.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/05/22/jadon-hayden-black-animal-who-attacked-old-whites-in-care-home-said-in-video-blacks-are-the-chosen-race-supposed-to-rule-the-earth/

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