James Woods Returns To Twitter After 10 Months; Immediately Begins Making Liberals Cry

Conservative actor and legendary Twitter wit James Woods returned to the platform on Thursday after taking a 10-month sabbatical and wasted no time getting back to what he does best: melting leftist brains and making liberals cry.

Conservative actor and legendary Twitter wit James Woods returned to the platform on Thursday after taking a 10-month sabbatical and wasted no time getting back to what he does best: melting leftist brains and making liberals cry.

In his first tweet, Woods took aim at socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) writing, “I’ve tried so hard this past year to live without the wealth of knowledge available on Twitter, but this kind of blazing insight can be found nowhere else, so… I’m back! #AOCStillAMoron

Woods quickly followed his tweet up with another one, writing: “I was on vacation awhile, avoiding the news. How’d the #Mueller thing work out? The #impeachment scam? Who won the #Iowa caucuses? Is #MichaelAvenatti still a contender for the Democratic nomination for President? How’s #JeffreyEpstein doing?”

Overwhelmed by the warm welcome he received from conservatives who have missed his razor-sharp mind and acerbic tongue, Woods added: “I simply can’t express how honored I am by the kindness and warmth I have received by so many of my Twitter friends tonight. You are genuinely such fine people. Thank you. I am in tears.

DailyWire report: Woods later hammered CNN for their tweet: “Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was killed in an airstrike, the White House says”

Woods responded: “I didn’t see the #CNN report. Were they in tears? The Middle East is running out of ‘austere religious scholars’

In May, Woods told The Daily Wire that he was not planning on using Twitter again after the leftist tech giant repeatedly engaged in attempts to censor him.

“Twitter demanded that I rescind my tweet paraphrasing Emerson,” Woods said. “It now seems they have chosen to delete that tweet from my account without my permission. Until free speech is allowed on Twitter, I will not be permitted to participate in our democracy with my voice. As long as Jack Dorsey remains the coward he seems to be, my Twitter days are in the past.”

President Donald Trump weighted in on the matter, writing: “How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter? Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR!”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also weighed in, writing: “How is it that @RealJamesWoods is currently being banned on Twitter, but @JimCarrey is not? It’s certainly not any standard based on ‘hate.’ Carrey’s latest Twitter ‘art’ shows Bill Barr drowning in a sea of vomit. @Jack – how ‘bout we let everybody speak and the People decide?”

Woods was suspended from Twitter last April over a tweet that the company said broke its terms of service, claiming that he engaged in “targeted harassment of someone,” even though Woods’ tweet was not directed at anyone.

Woods’ girlfriend, Sara Miller, posted a screenshot of the message that Woods received from Twitter, writing: “Of course Twitter doesn’t inform his followers. @RealJamesWoods has received the following email:”

The email said that Woods was suspended for: “Violating our rules against abusive behavior. You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.”

Woods’ tweet that got him suspended stated: “‘If you try to kill the King, you better not miss. #HangThemAll”

Woods’ remarks were not made toward anyone and Twitter refused to respond to requests for comment from The Daily Wire regarding the company’s decision to suspend Woods.

Source Article from https://newspunch.com/james-woods-returns-twitter-10-months-immediately-begins-making-liberals-cry/

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