Japanese Schoolchildren Taught the Values of Diversity (Genocide)

I have a friend who teaches English to Japanese schoolchildren and this year she noticed shocking changes in the textbooks. The most blatant change is the inclusion of a black child, but there are subtle differences too, like the new diversity of hair color that she as an ethnic Japanese person noticed.

Japan’s children are being softened up to accept a gradual diversification and loss of their harmonious cohesion. It’s little doubt coming from UNESCO’s funding and its agenda is to prepare students for sustainable development, which for some reason includes the LGBTI (intersex) agenda.

The UNESCO vision is to teach children to be global citizens, since they abhor peaceful homogeneous nations and agitate for global social cohesion. Is it because a rootless diverse world removes barriers to rapacious corporate-driven development, so it’ll be sustained into the future? Sustainable development!

From UNESCO policy paper Textbooks Pave the Way for Sustainable Development, “Few instruments shape children’s and young people’s minds more powerfully than the teaching and learning materials used in schools. Textbooks convey not only knowledge, but also social values and political identities, and an understanding of the history and the world.”

Here are five lessons being taught to Japanese schoolchildren:

Some of your Classmates May Be Africans

English is for Everybody!

All the textbooks have the globes and rainbows, and the text shows the many diverse Englishes of the world. The above book features English-speakers from Egypt, Russia and Brazil.

Watch your Native-Speakerism

David Crystal (coincidence), OBE, a linguist, has been a proponent of the idea of World Englishes and giving respect to “non-standard” varieties.  Some students of English want to learn from native-speakers, but this might be a new kind of “ism” emerging — native-speakerism.

European Children are Now Mostly Arab or Black

These are the English-speakers shown from Europe from the digital materials for third-grade English classes, and my friend says it’s mandatory to show these videos. (Note the Norwegian flag at the top.)

Brazil is the Ideal Place to Learn English?

My friend is unique in that she grew up in Brazil, but is ethnically Japanese. She writes, “I don’t know why they insist in promoting my country Brazil. Actually, I know. But it’s not an English speaking country. English is not even the second language. Brazil appears in all the English textbooks.”

The culture-destroyers may see a chink in the armor here, as Brazil has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan, and there’s been some mixing.


The (((globalists))) show their hand in Japan, as they attempt to generate friction over Japan’s ethnic homogeneity. Once diversity (cultural and ethnic genocide) is underway, they will use that friction to further the agenda.

Japan’s zero tolerance for migrants has had CNN going all barbara-specter asking, “Can Japan survive without immigrants?”  Jewish media bleats that Japan’s desire to preserve their traditions and genetics is openly racist.

My friend sees a lot of zombies in Japan, victims of social engineering, but she also sees resistance. She wrote in an email, “Maybe it’s kind of natural instinct in Japanese people. Hope it will never die!”


UNESCO – (Japan) Strengthening Education for Sustainable Development

UNESCO – Textbooks Pave Way for Sustainable Development

Native-Speakerism in Japan

Can Japan Survive Without Immigrants?

Japan’s Problem with Race

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/japanese-schoolchildren-taught-the-values-of-diversity-genocide/

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    The mongaloid people in Japan are invaders.
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