Jew-Controlled UK Has Blocked MartinezPerspective Channel On Bitchute

This is the message UK viewers see when they visit my Bitchute page.

Some jewish pedophile in the UK government has flagged my channel and banned access to it for all UK-based ISP’s.


This is how desperate the enemy is. They can’t debate us, so they must ban us.

I don’t even talk about violence in these videos. I simply advocate for white self-determination through amicable separation, which Afro-American nationalists and UK-based negroes are openly doing with the consent of the authorities.

These militant negroes have formed ISIS-style militias and are roaming around the streets intimidating white people with shouts of “Black Power!”

Even in the UK.

Negroid militancy is growing and is being egged on by the devious jew media, marxist politicians, and faggots of all stripes.

Are these Negro Power groups who espouse violent anti-white rhetoric prohibited in the US or UK? Of course not. They’re given a platform by the US and UK media to pump out their retarded talking points of nigger victimhood.

We’re living in an age of unfettered jew and black privilege.

It’s about time for whites to collectivize and take back our destiny from the forces of darkness.

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2 Responses to “Jew-Controlled UK Has Blocked MartinezPerspective Channel On Bitchute”

  1. netanyahu1488 says:

    Here is a good directory of what to expect of the BBC reporting

  2. netanyahu1488 says:

    There’s no escape from the Jew octopus!

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