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OUR PRIME MINISTER IS A CROOK Part IX …and now it’s time to go

The Opposition is finally asking questions of Gillard in Parliament regarding Slater & Gordon and Wilson.

“Why didn’t you go to the police when you discovered Bruce Wilson had misappropriated union funds?”, asked Julie Bishop. “This matter has been covered exhaustively in my recent press conference,” replied Gillard.

Julie Bishop in a supplementary question asked essentially the same again. Gillard again replied in exactly the same way.Bishop’s question is ominous and a precursor to what will be later questions regarding Gillard’s recent statement that, “Not one dollar of union funds must go unaccounted for…”.

Ralph Blewitt is speaking to Michael Smith on tape about Gillard’s involvement in the AWU fraud.

It is apparent that Gillard witnessed Ralph Blewitt’s signature when Blewitt was 3,000 miles away in Perth. Gillard can never practise as a solicitor again nor should she be practising as a Prime Minister now.

Gillard can waste her breath calling me a misogynistic, sexist nutjob all she likes, it does not resolve the issues she and a delinquent media will sooner or later need to face.

Massive fraud involves Wilson, Gillard, and Thiess Contractors. Gillard and Wilson conspired to steal almost $1 million from the AWU’s “Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund”. This money was donated from union members to financially assist bereaved families of union members killed in the course of employment. No-one knows where this money went.

The scam wasn’t discovered until the incoming AWU boss, Tim Daly, noticed payments made to purchase two holiday units. Tim Daly called in the police but no-one was prepared to testify.

Wilson “extorted” hundreds of thousands from Thiess Contractors in WA and Vic. Thiess WA informed police by letter that they would not cooperate in the investigation and would not lay a complaint. [When the FOI letter was posted on Facebook it promptly disappeared.]

Thiess’ WA Manager, Joe Trio, is Wilson’s brother-in-law. Listed as a director of Thiess is the ALP’s feminist stalwart, Ros Kelly, former wife of News Ltd’s Paul Kelly. It starts to smell.

The odour becomes stronger when Bill Shorten and his lover Nicola Roxon enter stage Left. The money Wilson and Gillard defrauded from the Vic AWU sent union bosses Kernohan, joint national secretary, Ian Cambridge, and even Qld’s Bill Ludwig into a frenzy. They wanted the money back.

Shorten (later to become AWU national secretary) was adamant that the Union should not prefer charges. He demanded the whole affair be buried for the sake of the AWU and all involved. At the time he wrote a letter to that effect to Ludwig [we do not have a copy].

The AWU and Slater & Gordon have since refused to cooperate with police with Slater & Gordon claiming privilege.

Ian Cambridge demanded a Royal Commission and wrote a damning affidavit with the assistance of Rob McClelland. But Cambridge backed away from his claims after he was assured of future reward.

Kernohan stuck to his guns on behalf of his members and has been suffering ever since. He has been constantly threatened, mercilessly bashed and sent bullets in the mail. To this day he is still in hiding.

Co-conspirator in the fraud and equity partner in Slater & Gordon, Bernard Murphy, hurriedly departed the firm, at the same time as Gillard was sacked, and shifted to the other Left wing lawyers, Maurice Blackburn, taking Gillard’s file with him.

The file was left in the safe care of Nicola Roxon. Roxon and Shorten were working at Maurice Blackburn at the same time.

Ralph Blewitt confirms Bernard Murphy’s complicity in the fraud.
Gillard remained unemployed for almost six months eventually allowing her practising certificate to lapse.

After many attempts, Gillard won pre-selection for the safe Labor seat of Lalor in 1998. In 2001 she was elevated to a shadow portfolio. She became deputy PM after Kevin Rudd’s victory in 2007.

But Rudd was always on borrowed time. Gillard was of the socialist Left and backroom deals were done with the NSW Right faction well ahead of the hated Rudd’s knifing. Incredibly, she was now Australia’s first female PM in waiting.

In her excitement she made the fatal error of telling her staff what was about to happen. They promptly started on her acceptance speech which gave lie to her claim that she knew nothing of the coup until that fateful night.

Gillard now had a problem. Her dirty past needed burying and she needed to shore up her position with favours.

Bernard Murphy was promoted to a Judge of the Federal Court. Bill Shorten was promoted to Industrial Relations, Mark Abib and Stephen Conroy (both of whom arranged for her to shift from the socialist Left faction) were promoted to Cabinet. Bill Ludwig’s son, Joe Ludwig, was promoted in the Senate. Ian Cambridge was promoted, unqualified, to a judge on the Bench of FWA. So, all was in place…

Except for traitor Rob McClelland. Aha, he presented Gillard with the final solution. Attorney General, Rob McClelland, a Queen’s Council had to go to make way for the pedestrian and rather dimwitted lawyer, Nicola Roxon.

Now, all the ducks were in order for Gillard’s tenure as PM.


As Robert Burns once said, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft’ go astray”.

Gillard’s brutal and bloody rise has gone astray for want of rewarding three people. Blewitt, Kernohan and McLelland. They weren’t on Gillard’s payroll… they refused to be.

All three have suffered and are ensuring Gillard also suffers in the final few moves of what is now an end game Gillard will not survive.

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